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Avoid These Mistakes When Hiring a Plumber for Drain Replacement

Plumbing problems happen all the time at the most inopportune moments. A water spigot in the backyard freezes and cracks during the winter. A toilet overflows during a dinner party. Your son or daughter drops their retainer down the kitchen drain. Sometimes it is necessary to call a plumber for drain replacement or to clean clogged drains. In cases such as this, the number one plumber in the Greater Toronto Area to call is New Canadian Drain and Plumbing.

We are a family-owned business committed to providing quality and affordable plumbing services to customers throughout Ontario. All of our plumbers are licensed and insured, and we offer a 25 year warranty on drain works and waterproofing in Toronto, as well as 24 hour emergency service at regular billing rates.

Sadly, not every plumbing company is as highly trained or experienced as ours. Customers come into our offices all the time or call us with horror stories about plumbing jobs gone bad, work not done right the first time, and the customer left holding the bag – or, in this case, burst water pipes, still clogged drains, or low water pressure. This is when most customers end up calling New Canadian Drain and Plumbing for drain replacement or other common plumbing solutions.

As Toronto’s premier plumbing contractor, we pride ourselves on getting the job done right the first time, without cutting corners or making excuses. Part of what we do is educate customers so they can make informed decisions, as evidenced by our many appearances on HGTV Canada.

If you are in need of drain replacement or other services, avoid these mistakes when dealing with a plumbing company.

  1. Establish your own budget. You know your personal finances better than anyone, so do not let any contractor do this for you. Our role is to review the problem, recommend a course of action, and let you decide what to do.
  2. Drain replacement and other plumbing work can be expensive, so there is no substitute for a written contract, and a plumber cannot replace it with a handshake, a wink, and certainly not a promise of “I’ll take care of you.” To protect yourself, always get a signed contract that spells out key details of the work to be done, and deadline.
  3. Whether you are getting a drain replacement or any other work, never select a plumbing company that does not offer a warranty on services.
  4. Never work with any contractor who cannot provide references. All established plumbing companies with solid reputations can give you the names and phone numbers of a few satisfied customers to call to compare notes.
  5. Never allow drain replacement or other plumbing work to begin without having the plumber explain the process he or she follows. This pertains to things like daily start and end times, safety and clean-up, and what happens if parts or supplies have to be ordered.
  6. Make sure the plumber you choose to work with is licensed and insured. This means you and the plumber are protected in case of an accident, injury, or other issues that may arise when work is being performed.
  7. Know what your goals are, and make sure the plumber understands them before the work begins. Do not deviate from those plans unless an emergency plumbing situation arises, as new work equals unexpected and greater expense. Make sure your goals are in the contract before the work begins.
  8. Never work with a contractor who expects more than a minimal down payment before work begins. All established companies have the resources necessary to purchase basic supplies and fixtures before a job begins.
  9. While references are essential, we also recommend that you avoid plumbing companies who do not have professional affiliations or memberships.

Finally, plumbing work can be expensive, difficult, and time-consuming, often with the homeowner and plumber spending a lot of time together in potentially stressful settings. As such, it is important that you are comfortable with any working relationship before it begins. Visit us on Google+

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