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About New Canadian Drain & Plumbing

Our company is the most organized and professional in the GTA. We are new Canadians working hard as proud Canadians to promote growth of our business. Give us the opportunity, and you will see our words are true.

We Specialize in drain installation and drain repairs. We have quality machines to clear your drains as well as power flushing. We offer new technology drain relining without digging. We do all types of plumbing repairs including installation of new fixtures. We specialize in waterproofing, fixing leaky basements, and installation of new weeping tiles.

Our mission here at New Canadian Drain & Plumbing is not only to provide services to our valuable customers, but to give back to communities as well.  We, Canadians, are currently a proud sponsor of various organizations that cater to the needs of children in the Ukraine.  We are actively involved in funding and supporting foster kids overseas as well as families who have sick children that require medical assistance from hospitals.

We also make contributions to schools for upgraded equipment such as computers, books, etc.

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In the building and revitalization of the community and sports Center in Ukraine, our aim for this project is to provide kids with a positive outlet where they are encouraged to utilize their leisure time in a productive manner.  In addition, these programs are designed to educate kids on the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

The Sports Center offers numerous programs to kids of all ages from different villages.  These programs include; Soccer, boxing, wrestling, Weight-lifting, music classes as well as sewing and stitching classes.  There are currently over 200 children who attend these programs all of which are free of charge.

These children may not be familiar with Igor Boss or New Canadian Drain & Plumbing but with the Canadian Flag and symbol posted throughout the Community and Sports Center, they recognize that Canada has provided them with great opportunities to obtain a positive and healthy lifestyle.

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