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Basement Flooding Toronto

Basement flooding can occur for any number of reasons including:


  • A poorly sealed foundation.
  • Downspouts that empty too close to the house.
  • Your home’s location (low-lying area, high water table etc).
  • Clogged eavestroughs causing water to overflow and land next to the foundation.
  • Blocked storm drains in the street.

Whatever the cause however, basement flooding in Toronto is no laughing matter. In fact, nothing less than the market value and structural integrity of your home is at stake. Every day you wait to address the issue is a few more dollars it’s going to cost to fix it and a few more dollars off the value of your home. At New Canadian Drain & Plumbing we’ve seen the damage basement flooding can cause and that’s why we offer comprehensive basement flooding mitigation.

Basement Flooding in Toronto Doesn’t have to be a Chronic Problem

Keep in mind that standing water in the basement presents a very real health hazard for everyone as it can become a breeding ground for bacteria and potentially dangerous mold species. At New Canadian Drain & Plumbing we’ll get to the heart of the problem quickly and institute immediate and effective remedial efforts including:

  • Foundation waterproofing – As older houses settle they can often develop tiny cracks in the foundation walls. Water – one of the most persistent forces in nature – will find these tiny cracks and exploit them. The pros and New Canadian Drain will determine if your foundation walls are leaking and if so, take measures to waterproof them.
  • Downspout redesign – Sometimes basement flooding in Toronto is the result of a poorly designed downspout system. If the downspouts are dumping runoff too close to the foundation that water can create hydrostatic pressure once it’s absorbed into the ground.
  • French drains – Sometimes all that’s needed is a drain installed at the point in the yard where water is not draining. This type of system, called a French drain, collects groundwater and guides it into a perforated pipe in the ground which then diverts it to another area of the property where it can be properly absorbed.
  • Sump pump – The sump pump is often the best solution to basement flooding but is primarily designed to deal with ground water that wells upward and not water that leaks in through cracks in the foundation. Before we install a sump pump we’ll make sure we’ve eliminated other potential issues first.

Don’t Delay

If your basement is prone to flooding don’t waste time trying to figure out on your own what may be going on. Call the pros at New Canadian Drain & Plumbing. We’ve seen it all and will make a quick and accurate assessment of the situation. We’ll then take you through the steps we propose to take to solve the problem and provide you a no obligation, free estimate. Remember, your home is your largest single investment. The longer you allow basement flooding in Toronto to continue the more damage your home will sustain and the more it will cost to fix it.