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Toilet Repair & Replacement

Toilet Repair and Replacement, Clogged Toilet Services in Toronto

Are you looking for toilet installation or repair services in Toronto? Contact New Canadian Drain & Plumbing today for immediate service.

Your toilet is such an integral part of your home. That’s why when it stops working, everything seems to stop in its tracks. How can you continue on with your daily activities with no toilet to use? Hopefully, you have a second one to use while you’re waiting to get the other fixed. No matter the urgency, New Canadian Drain & Plumbing, toilet repair plumbers will be there to help. Our 24-hour services are available if your toilet repair can’t wait until morning.

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What You Need To Know About Toilet Installation and Repair:

Assessing the Toilet Problem

When the toilet stops working, the first thing we’ll do is assess the problem. After all, we can’t move forward without knowing what the problem is. Once we know what’s keeping your toilet out of commission, fixing things will be a breeze. Our plumbing professionals have years of experience finding quick and easy solutions for all common plumbing issues.

Toilet Repair

If the problem with your toilet is something that can be repaired, that’s always the first choice. Repairing a broken appliance is almost always cheaper than replacing it. Repairing your toilet may mean replacing some of the inner mechanisms.

While some fixes are easy and can be done yourself, many are complicated and require the professional touch. Here are some things you can fix yourself:

  • A handle that’s extremely loose and not flushing the toilet is usually an easy fix. Pulling the lid off the toilet’s tank should reveal a plastic or metal stick attached to your flush handle. This stick moves up when the handle is pushed down. Normally, there is a chain connected to it. If you see a loose chain in the tank, reattach it to the stick. This allows the handle to pull open the flush valve, letting your toilet bowl filled with water.
  • If your toilet is leaking water into the bowl, check inside the tank. The flush valve may be sitting slightly open, check to make sure the chain isn’t attached too tightly to the flush handle. If it’s not being held open by the handle, ensure there’s no debris interfering with the seal.

Anything exceeding this kind of simplicity is best addressed by a professional. Experience is really necessary to successfully fix complicated plumbing problems. It requires a knowledge of how a toilet’s inner mechanisms work. While it’s possible to figure these things out by tinkering with a toilet for a while, it can also cost you. Breaking parts and then hiring a professional to fix what damage you’ve done is more expensive than asking for help to begin with.

Toilet Replacement

The worst-case scenario is really having to have your whole toilet replaced. This is usually only necessary if there’s damage to the ceramic toilet itself. However, it’s possible to require replacement if a toilet is very outdated or has sustained sediment or mineral buildup to a degree that’s hard to remedy.

Give us a call at New Canadian Drain & plumbing if you’re having toilet troubles such as clogged toilet service, toilet repair or replacement. We have just what you need to have your bathroom up and running again.