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Wet Basement Repair

PlumbersA foundation that has become compromised by water penetration is not a problem that is going to go away or fix itself. And make no mistake; it needs to be fixed or the structural integrity of your home will be put in serious jeopardy. Water may seem harmless enough when you’re enjoying a nice hot shower or watching a spring rain out the kitchen window but don’t let that fool you. Water is one of the major forces that shapes the world we live in and it does much of its damage out of sight. If you’ve noticed the telltale signs of water penetration in your basement it’s time to call New Canadian Drain for quick and effective wet basement repair in Toronto.

Signs You Need Wet Basement Repair in Toronto

The telltale signs that water has penetrated your foundation walls are sometimes subtle and sometimes obvious and include:

  • Standing water.
  • Mold and mildew.
  • Bowed foundation walls.
  • A musty smell in the basement.
  • Water stains on the foundation walls.
  • Abnormally high humidity in the basement.

Any of the above are indications that water has found or created a route through your foundation walls and is now hard at work undermining their integrity. The longer you wait to address the problem the more serious it will be.

Diagnosing the Problem, Devising a Solution

When you call New Canadian Drain we’ll send someone straight out to evaluate the situation and devise a solution that will ensure your home’s viability for years to come. There are a number of forms wet basement repair in Toronto might take including:

  • Extending the downspouts – Often times water in the basement can be traced directly to runoff from the roof being deposited to close to the foundation.
  • Filling gaps – Sometimes plumbing pipes that penetrate the basement walls develop gaps around them. We’ll identify and plug any such gaps or cracks.
  • Installing a French drain – A French drain is a trench that intercepts groundwater before it reaches the house and diverts it harmlessly away.
  • Waterproofing the walls – The best solution may be to waterproof the basement walls. This can be done either on the exterior or interior depending on the nature of the leaks.
  • Installing a sump pump – Sometimes water in the basement doesn’t come through the walls, it wells up from beneath the house. In this case we’ll install a sump pump that will prevent your basement from flooding during heavy rain or snow melt events.

Regardless of how water is getting into the basement it’s imperative that you address the situation promptly before it becomes a major issue that could negatively affect the market value of your home as well as the health and safety of everyone in the house.

The experts at New Canadian Drain will quickly and correctly assess the cause of your basement water problems and formulate the most effective solution at a price that won’t break the bank. If you have a leaky basement don’t hesitate to call New Canadian Drain for the best wet basement repair in Toronto.