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Drain Snaking

If you’re having trouble with your drain not, well, draining, you’ll need some professional help. We know it’s tempting to fix the problem yourself, but it’s really not that easy. Many people think a drain not working can be fixed with a little chemical drain cleaner. The problem with these is that they can actually eat through your pipes and make your problems exponentially worse. Here’s how a professional can quickly solve your drain problems by snaking.

What is a Snake?

A snake, in the plumbing world, is a metal coil that can be inserted into pipes. By rotating the coil, it can latch on to anything sizeable within your pipes. It works kind of like a screw, using the blockage to pull itself further in.

How Does This Help?

When the snake has coiled into a blockage and is pulled straight out, the blockage is pulled out with it. This makes the snake an ideal tool for fixing clogs and blockages of many kinds. From clumps of food to wads of hair, a snake can remove any everyday clog from your drain. It’s easy, it’s relatively fast, and it doesn’t involve pulling your pipes apart.

But, sometimes, clogs and blockages are too big, too stuck, or too far in the pipes to use a snake for. Then what? The solution is simple; you get out the drum auger.

What is a Drum Auger?

A drum auger does the same thing a snake does. What’s the difference? A drum auger is bigger, stronger, longer, and automatic. It’s a powered snake that can reach into much deeper pipes and pull out blockages that would be difficult for even someone strong to pull loose.

What if These Don’t Work?

If a snake or drum auger run into a blockage that doesn’t seem possible to penetrate, it’s time to move on to a different method. However, snakes are great for most everyday clogs or blockages. The occurrences where snakes or drum augers don’t work are usually due to pipes bursting or collapsing.

If you’re dealing with an underground pipe that’s collapsed, you’ll have to look into replacement pipes. In that case, there’s no simple blockage to bypass.

If you’re struggling with a drain that’s no longer draining properly, snaking might be a quick and easy solution. Contact New Canadian Drain if you need snaking assistance in Toronto. We’d be glad to help you get your plumbing back in order.