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Video Camera Inspection

Plumbing Video Camera Inspection in Toronto and the GTA

We offer video camera inspection services that can help us determine the exact cause and the location of your plumbing problem. Technological advances have touched just about every industry in the world. That includes plumbing. With the improved ease of production, video cameras are now more affordable than ever. That makes it easy for new uses to be discovered. For one, we can now inspect drains and pipes with cameras.

Can’t find your plumbing problems? Our Licensed & Certified Plumbers can help you. Schedule a camera inspection service today! Call us at 416-651-2990.

Benefits of Plumbing video camera inspection:

Familiar Concept

You’ve surely heard of endoscopies before, whether in name or in concept. It’s where a doctor uses a camera on the end of a tube to look inside someone’s body without doing surgery. Video camera inspection in plumbing is the same concept. If there’s something going wrong with your drain, you can have it inspected with a camera before pulling it apart. That way, if it’s actually a small problem, it can be fixed for a smaller price and with less hassle.

Save Money

Fairly often, a drain will begin to have problems draining water. If this happens suddenly, it can be assumed that a pipe burst somewhere along the line. The first step to a burst line is to pull it apart and replace it. If the line is underground or in the walls, however, that means getting to it first.

What happens when you tear out part of the wall or dig up the yard only to find that it’s not a burst? Perhaps a child shoved Play-Doh down the drain or a small critter got lost in a most unfortunate way. There are lots of reasons for pipes and drains to stop working their best. By using a camera line to inspect the problem, you can find the best solution without wasting time and money.

Find Solutions Quickly

When you find there’s something getting in the way of your drain, a camera inspection can be your savior. A quick camera line down your drain will show us on a screen what’s causing problems. The correct course of action will then be easy to figure out. Your problem might be easy to fix by just snaking the drain. It might also be a bit bigger than that. No matter how big the problem, you can be sure that it will get the treatment it needs.

New Canadian Drain is proud to service the Toronto area. If you live in the Toronto area and are having drain problems, give us a call and we’ll be happy to help you find a solution! If you’re unsure of why your drain has suddenly stopped draining, ask us about our camera inspection services.