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Sewer Line Repair & Replacement

New Canadian Drain is a Plumbing Company in Toronto with Licensed Employees on staff specializing in Sewer Line Repair & Replacement.

Whether your sewer line can be repaired or will need to be replaced entirely, New Canadian Drain has your back. We have years of experience and can help you out all over the Greater Toronto Area.

Having a fully functioning sewer system is a vital part of keeping your house in working order. After all, it affects so many parts of daily life. Proper drainage is the cornerstone of functioning toilets, showers, and sinks. Here, we’re focusing on sewer line repair and replacement. If you need help with sewer line repair in Toronto, New Canadian Drain can help!

The Importance of Toilets

How many times have you used the bathroom today? How about the other members of your household? Toilets are one of the most underappreciated pieces of technology in the modern house. It’s easy to ignore them until something about them isn’t working anymore. Then, you start to realize that you have nowhere to relieve yourself. We understand the importance of these plumbing centerpieces at New Canadian Drain. Because of that, we have 24 hour emergency plumbing services.

Causes of Dysfunction

There are a lot of things that can cause a sewer line to stop working properly. From natural to unnatural causes, here are some things that may be causing your sewer line to stop draining properly:

  • Tree roots. When a pipe gets old and begins to get small cracks in it, water and sewage can leak into the soil around it. While that sounds unsavory to you and me, trees and other plants are drawn to the moisture. Their roots can grow into the pipes and completely disrupt the flow of waste, causing backups and blockages.
  • Waste buildup. Sometimes the sewer line is only clogged with a buildup of waste from the people using the facilities. This can be hair from the shower, grease or food from the kitchen sink, or hygiene products from the toilet. As a rule, grease should never be washed down the drain and hygiene products should never be flushed. Even those with ‘flushable’ on the packaging should be thrown away. When companies print ‘flushable’ on packaging, what they really mean is that it won’t immediately clog your toilet. The thing is, these products actually do cause a whole host of issues, if not in your home, then in the larger part of the sewer system. Therefore, the only things that should be flushed down a toilet are bodily waste, water, and toilet paper (which is made to break down quickly in water).
  • Broken Pipes. Sewer lines can quickly go out of commission if they break. Whether that’s a full collapse after years of degrade or a misaligned joint, these need to be repaired. Broken pipes will not only keep your drains from draining, they’ll also leak bio-hazardous waste into the soil. That’s not ideal for anyone.

Get the Help You Need

Whether your sewer line can be repaired or will need to be replaced entirely, New Canadian Drain has your back. We have years of experience and can help you out all over Toronto. Give us a call and we’ll send out one of our professionals to take a look. Get your bathroom functioning again with a little help from your neighborhood plumber.