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Plumbing Companies in Toronto People tend to make assumptions about things they don’t understand and that’s just human nature. Plumbing is one of those thing. As such discussions between homeowners about plumbing companies in Toronto tend to include statements like “They’re all the same.” Few things, however, could be further from the truth. While the science of plumbing doesn’t change regardless of who is doing the work there is in fact a huge difference between the plumbers and those whose only goal is billable hours.

Not all Plumbing Companies in Toronto are Created Equal

When it comes to plumbers the true professionals will always operate with your best interests and the best interests of your home in mind, while the frauds are more concerned with milking the job for all they can get. Even someone who isn’t purposely out to get you may simply be too inexperienced to provide timely, effective service. What are some indications that you may be dealing with the wrong plumber?

  • They ask for upfront money for basic repairs – It’s not unusual for plumbers to ask for upfront money when it comes to a new build. After all they’ll need to purchase quite a bit of material to get going. However, when it comes to day to day services like unclogging a drain few reputable plumbers will require up front money. After all they’re only going to be there a short time and may not have to purchase anything in order to fix the problem. If your plumber is asking for upfront money for basic services you should be wary.
  • They’re unable to answer your questions – Not all plumbers deal with the same kinds of projects. Some specialise in emergency work while others stick to new builds, renovations and remodels. Still other people that offer plumbing services are not actually licensed plumbers at all. If you need a particular service and the plumber in question is unable to provide prompt, easy to understand answers to your questions it could be that they’re moonlighting outside their normal field of expertise or it could be that they’re not really a plumber but a handyman offering plumbing services. It’s important to know who you’re dealing with so ask about licenses.
  • They keep harping on money – If, during the course of your discussions the prospective plumber keeps steering the conversation back toward money it’s a pretty good indication they’re going to be a handful to work with. Of course, people work to make money, that’s a given. But if they’re more concerned with trying to convince you to pay them under the table than they are with the particulars of the job at hand they’re sending up red flags you ignore at your own peril. Accountability is crucial when it comes to plumbing since mistakes could seriously undermine the value of your home and cost you big in the long run.

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