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The need to replace a drain is not the kind of thing any reasonably sane homeowner wants to contemplate. Depending on which drain and how bad the break you could be looking at significant disruptions to your lifestyle and a sizeable repair bill. Before you call the plumbing company you might want to get some idea just how sizeable that bill might be. To do so you’ll need to know what factors contribute to the cost of drain replacement. In this post we’ll look at some of those factors.

Assessing the Cost of Drain Replacement in Toronto

Pipes don’t typically break due to poor quality they break because they’re either old or some external force has come to bear on them. While it’s nearly impossible to say “Drain replacement in Toronto will cost this much” it is possible to determine whether your bill is likely to be significant or fairly easy to handle. Here are some of the factors that will help determine which is the case for you.

  • Break Location – If a break has occurred within the home fixing it is typically not a big deal. Not a big deal, that is, as long as there hasn’t been damage to the walls, floor, ceiling, electrical system and more (see ‘collateral damage’ below). If, on the other hand, the break has occurred in the lateral pipe leading to the street you’ll need to have it excavated.
  • Cause – If the break was caused by the mother of all clogs you may need to replace a lengthy section of pipe. If the drain broke simply because it was 100 years old you may need to replace more than just the broken piece. However, if the break was caused by tree roots the plumber might be able to ‘patch’ it inexpensively with a short section of PVC pipe.
  • Collateral Damage – As alluded to above, repairing the collateral damage – walls, floors, wiring etc – can often cost more than actually replacing the broken drain. And if the break occurs in the yard you may have to tear up pathways, lawn, bushes and perhaps even tear down a tree or dig up a portion of the driveway. Returning these things to normal will not be free.
  • Other Factors – The time of year can also influence the cost of drain replacement. Digging up the yard during the warm, lazy days of summer is an entirely different animal than doing so in the middle of an arctic cold blast. Also if you need drain replacement during the holidays expect to pay more as it is typically the busiest time of the year for plumbers with all manner of holiday food debris getting stuck in people’s drains.

Drain replacement in Toronto will never fall into the category of ‘fun’ but it doesn’t have to be an extended walk over fiery coals either if you have the right company on the job. New Canadian Drain are experts at drain replacement and can have your home back up and running quicker than most and for a price that won’t send shock waves through your bank account.