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Everybody loves a bargain and when it comes to home renovation companies such as builders and plumbers, bargains are so rare that many homeowners snap them up without a second thought, whenever they have the chance. However, unless you are 100{d3092efd6fe8d2248d298d7b6ec00dc96cbcd0cf77ac15cb82627ffea68171e3} sure about the reputation and capabilities of the firm in questions, this is hardly ever a good idea. There are many reasons that the lowest estimate you receive is seldom the best, some of which we have outlined below.

With Plumbing Services in Toronto, You Really Do Get What You Pay for

Before you go with the lowest quote you receive, think about the points below and make sure you are not about to act in haste and repent at leisure.

  1. Good Training Costs Money – Fully qualified plumbers in Canada not only attend college to learn their trade, they serve an apprenticeship too. The considerable amount of time and money they have to invest in their careers means that they need to charge a reasonable rate once they start work, if they are to stand any chance of recouping their investment. A plumber that offers a low-ball estimate is therefore likely to be unqualified and possibly completely inexperienced too.
  2. Reputable Plumbers Have Many Operating Costs Such as Insurance – A reputable firm will have substantial salaries to pay as well as significant insurance premiums. Generally speaking, it is only by cutting corners such as allowing their public liability insurance to lapse, that small firms can afford to take on jobs at very low rates. If you are quoted such a rate, you should investigate the firm in question thoroughly before you even think about taking things any further.
  3. Low Rates Demotivate – Even if you find a company offering plumbing services in Toronto that is 100{d3092efd6fe8d2248d298d7b6ec00dc96cbcd0cf77ac15cb82627ffea68171e3} legitimate, has full public liability insurance, and a team of highly skilled and experienced tradesmen on its staff, you still need to exercise caution before accepting an unusually low estimate. If it turns out that the company in question is undercharging you simply to obtain work for their employees, their motivation to finish your job on time will be very low. In the event that they should land a more lucrative contract whilst still working in your home, your project could be put on a back burner and take months to be completed.
  4. High Quality Materials Are Not Cheap – Another way in which plumbing contractors are sometimes able to complete work at amazingly low prices is by using substandard materials. For this reason, always ask for a detailed breakdown of costs when you receive a very low quote, and check each item very carefully, especially the materials they propose to use.

If you would like a competitive but realistic quotation from a well-established company that has been providing first-class plumbing services in Toronto for many years, you can of course always get in touch with New Canadian Drain & Plumbing, and we will be delighted to be of assistance.