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Red Flags to Watch for When Hiring a Drain Cleaning Service

Drain Cleaning ServiceEven if you care about your drains as much as we do, chances are that your drains will eventually become clogged with debris such as leaves, hair, food matter, grease and other solids that can slip into them. When that happens you will notice your sinks, tubs and toilets taking longer to drain or even becoming blocked. Given how important the drains are to your home and lifestyle, we figured that you would appreciate some tips on how to avoid the type of drain cleaning service in Toronto who will at best only partially address the problem and at worse make it… worse.

Spotting the Drain Cleaning Service to Avoid in Toronto:

  • Experience: Drains are a crucial yet sensitive piece of household infrastructure that requires due care and attention, so don’t just look at whether the candidate is a qualified plumber but also ask questions about their experience. If they don’t give the impression that they know the work inside out and back to front then it’s probably best to move on. Your drains are too critical to be practice for novices. If you think experienced professionals are expensive, try inexperienced amateurs.
  • Licensing: Qualified licensed professionals go through a significant amount of training on the tools, procedures, methods and best-practices in order to perform work in other people’s homes safely and efficiently. If your candidates cannot explain how their work will affect the relevant building codes that pertain to plumbing and safety then don’t hire them; they either haven’t been to school or didn’t pay attention.
  • Payment: A professional will provide you with a clear and unambiguous cost estimate based on a thorough inspection of your home situation. They will most likely charge for their labour by the hour if it is a relatively simple job, or give you a flat rate if it is a more complex job. The cost of materials and emergency support should also be detailed upfront. If your candidates cannot offer this level of detail or is evasive when questioned, ditch them; they are not true professionals.
  • Guarantees: Ask for quality and time guarantees to avoid having to pay extra for shoddy or rushed work. True professionals will know their work well enough to give accurate time and cost estimates and should be confident enough about the quality of their work to offer a warranty as part of the written contract. To be charged for extra work that is beyond the warranty is fair enough, but the point is that both parties should know exactly where they stand from start to finish. Failure to provide this level of assurance is a red flag.
  • Safety: The safety of you, your home and the workers who are performing the drain cleaning should be a top priority for a truly professional drain cleaner. Ask your drain cleaning service in Toronto about the equipment and procedures that they have in place to ensure the safety and cleanliness of your environment, along with themselves.

Do your home and your family justice by only hiring a true professional to do your drain cleaning in Toronto!