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There are several possible reasons for noisy pipes in residential properties, some of which are more serious than others. If you are fed up of creaking, clanging pipes and you would like to know why your plumbing is making such as racket, you may find the answer in this short guide. If not, please feel free to contact us at any time and we will do our best to help you identify and rectify the problem at a very affordable price. We have many years of experience in the domestic and commercial plumbing industry, which means we are normally able to diagnose and repair faults in next to no time.

Common Noise Issues Encountered by Our Plumbers in Toronto

Below are some of the more common reasons for noisy pipes that we have encountered over the years, along with our suggested solutions.

  1. Vibrating Sounds After Flushing the Toilet – If you can hear vibrating noises in your walls after you flush the toilet, the most likely cause is the fill valve in the toilet itself. Over time, the diaphragm gasket in the valve can lose its elasticity and send mini shock waves through your pipes as a consequence.  If this is the case, the solution is quite simple and inexpensive: replace the fill valve with a new one. If you gently lift the float arm inside the cistern while it is filling and the noise stops, you can go ahead and replace the valve without the need to consult any plumbers in Toronto. However, if you would rather we carried out the work for you, we will of course be delighted to do so.
  1. Strange Noises After Running Hot Water – Unless the noises in question are very loud or unbearably intrusive, it is not usually necessary to do anything about odd creaks and screeches after using hot water in your home. The noises are normally caused by your copper pipes contracting after they have expanded with the heat of the hot water, and rubbing against retaining brackets or woodwork in the process. If the noises you hear are so violent that you fear the pipes are about to rupture, you can always give us a call and we will come and inspect them.
  2. Loud knocking or clanging when opening and shutting faucets – If you hear loud noises whenever you open and close your faucets, the problem is most likely due to a water hammer: a noise that results from fast-moving water suddenly encountering a barrier, such as a closed valve. Most plumbing systems have air chambers at critical points that are designed to stop this happening but they sometimes need to be replenished with fresh air.

Whether the noises you are hearing sound like one of the examples above or they appear to be completely different, please do not hesitate to call the best plumbers in Toronto to ask for our help. We offer a fast, competitively priced service in all areas of the city.