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Wet Basement Repair Solutions We Will Often Recommend

Wet Basement Repair Solutions We Will Often Recommend

Homeowners with damp or leaky basements may be offered a bewildering array of solutions by local plumbing and building experts. Some solutions will be more affordable than others and some may be more suitable for your property than others, depending on the precise reason for your leaky or damp basement. We specialise in this particular field of plumbing and construction, and normally recommend one of the three following solutions, depending on the nature of the problems you are experiencing.

Our Most Popular and Effective Wet Basement Repair Options

Below are the three approaches to repairing wet or damp basements that we most commonly recommend, together with some thoughts on each one. Whether one of these options is the best solution for your property can best be determined by having a survey of your home carried out by a professional team such as ours.

  1. Hydraulic Cement or Epoxy/Polyurethane Injection – in the event that your basement is damp due to water entering small cracks in the foundation walls, it may be possible to repair these cracks by injecting them with an epoxy or polyurethane material. Alternatively, hydraulic cement can be applied to the affected area.  The effect of such repairs is to close the cracks and prevent moisture from seeping through in the future. It is of course advisable to establish the cause of the cracks before carrying out the repairs so that you can prevent them from returning in the future.
  2. Installation of New Drainage System & Sump Pump – Known as interior excavation waterproofing, this is often the ideal solution for cases where hydrostatic pressure is forcing groundwater up through the foundations of a property and flooding the basement. With routine maintenance, a properly installed sump pump could solve your problems for many years to come and make other, more expensive, wet basement repair options unnecessary.
  3. Application of Waterproof Membrane – In cases where water is penetrating foundation walls and entering a basement in such a volume that it is creating serious structural issues, exterior excavation waterproofing (the application of a waterproof membrane to the outside of the property’s foundations) could be the only practical solution.

Whichever option is most suitable for your home, you can trust us to carry out the necessary repairs, quickly, efficiently and at a very competitive price. If you should decide to use another firm to carry out the work, make sure that you ask for references from previously satisfied customers, to ensure the firm in question has the necessary experience to do the work properly.

Reputable contractors will always be happy to discuss previous projects with you so never feel embarrassed to ask about their experience and always ask as many questions as you can before deciding who to hire. Your home is almost certainly your most precious possession so it is only natural that you will want to make absolutely sure you are choosing the right wet basement repair firm before you make any kind of financial or legal commitment.