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Emergency Plumbing TorontoOur home plumbing systems are a mystery to most of us. We take for granted the complicated internal workings of the many pipes and valves that mostly remain invisible behind finished walls. In fact, we usually don’t notice plumbing issues until something goes wrong in a huge way – a water-everywhere, leaking-sewage kind of way. In these types of emergency situations, it’s important to admit defeat, put down the plunger, and call a trusted and reliable emergency plumbing service to prevent your house from drowning in the less-than-pure water that causes water damage to your home’s structure, floors, carpets and furniture, in addition to inconveniencing its occupants. Read up on what an emergency plumbing company should do for you now, and be prepared for disaster whenever it strikes.

What Should You Look for in an Emergency Plumbing Service?

  1. Accessibility and Responsiveness – In an emergency plumbing situation, time is of the essence. Water can cause serious damage to your property and belongings within minutes. The longer you have to wait for a plumber to show up, the more damage your house will endure. Plumbing contractors should be waiting by the phone 24 hours a day, ready to take your call and send out an expert to solve your problem right away. You need a phone number that will connect you to a real person, and won’t keep you on hold with automated messages and mind-numbing elevator music.
  2. Honesty and Integrity – All too frequently, plumbing companies exaggerate their credentials or take advantage of homeowners’ panicked state by overcharging for their services. Do your research to ensure that the company you’re hiring is who they say they are. Check websites for a plumbing license number, evidence that they are insured, and other accreditations and reviews. Ask for a free estimate and keep it in mind; the end cost should not be much higher than the original quote. Plumbing companies should be upfront about their costs, and not keep you in the dark about hidden fees.
  3. Preparedness and Speed – Many of us have been there: We call a home services technician for assistance, and when they get to your home to take a look in person, they realize that they need additional equipment to solve the problem. By the time they have arrived, inspected the problem, left, and come back, half of your day is gone, and your house is still not functioning the way it should. In an emergency situation, arriving prepared for any problem could mean the difference between damage that is easily fixed and property that is irreparably damaged. Emergency plumbing experts should arrive with all of the tools and equipment they could possibly need to solve your plumbing problems.

Emergency Plumbing Woes in Toronto? New Canadian Drain & Plumbing Will Help

New Canadian Drain and Plumbing offers high-quality emergency plumbing services that fix everything from the burst, frozen, or leaking pipes to clogged drains and pressure problems. Here’s what sets us apart:

  1. We service all of the Greater Toronto Area, and have locations in both Toronto West and East (416-651-2990), ensuring that we’re at your home, ready to take on your plumbing issues within minutes of your call.
  2. Plumbing emergencies don’t wait for a convenient time to strike. In addition to offering 24-hour-a-day service, we don’t charge extra for weekends or holidays.
  3. We offer discounts for seniors. No one should have to endure even a day in a house with compromised plumbing. Our already-competitive prices are even more affordable for the most vulnerable members of our community.
  4. All of our drain work comes with a 25-year warranty, saving you time, money, and headaches for decades to come.
  5. Our dedicated and highly trained emergency plumbing experts are up to date on the latest plumbing technology so that we get the job done better and faster the first time around.

No matter which plumbing company you choose to fix your emergency plumbing problems, the most important thing to remember in an emergency situation is to remain calm. Don’t panic, turn off your water stopcock, and call emergency plumbing professionals who know what to do to take care of their customers.

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