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Characteristics Of a Great Drain Company

drain companyA drainage system is like an air conditioner in that you don’t pay much attention to it until it stops working. And while mundane enough, a clogged drain can become a nightmare: permanent damage to your home, endless headaches and never-ending home-repair costs.

When you do have problems with drains, it’s important to take care of them promptly. For some of us that means doing it ourselves; for others, it means calling the local drain company. For those living in Toronto there are countless numbers to call, so it’s important to choose the right company for the job. Here are a few key traits to look for:

How to Spot a Top-Notch Drain Company

  1. Being Licensed and a Member of Local Trade Organizations – First of all, never consider hiring a drain or plumbing contractor that doesn’t have a clearly displayed license number. Some unlicensed companies and handymen may come knocking offering to fix your problem for less, but it’s never worth it to hire someone who isn’t qualified. On top of that, the best companies in Toronto and the surrounding area are members of local trade organizations. When looking for a company to take care of problems with your drainage system, look for a member of the Better Business Bureau.
  2. Qualified Employees – The foundation of any service-based company is having top-quality employees. You’re paying good money to have your drains unclogged, cleaned or replaced, so you deserve to have things done right the first time. That includes employees with the expertise to handle both internal and external problems.Peruse customer feedback online to find a reputable company in your area. If a given contractor doesn’t invest in quality help, it will be reflected there. Home Stars is a great site for reviewing drain companies.
  3. 24/7 Emergency Service – A drainage problem can hit at any time of day (or night). That’s why we have emergency plumbing and drain contractors. These days, anyone worth their salt is available for 24/7 outcall. Your drainage system doesn’t wait for a convenient time, so neither should you.
  4. Extensive Warranty – As mentioned above, a quality drain company does things right the first time. But there’s nothing wrong with having a little extra assurance, is there? Don’t bother giving your money to a company that doesn’t offer a long-term warranty. The best in the business guarantee work for up to 25 years. If it turns out something was done the wrong way, you shouldn’t have to pay a dime for corrections.
  5. Best Equipment Available – In many cases experienced drain or plumbing contractors can fix a problem using the most basic tools: pliers, a spud wrench, and a hammer. However, some problems (like replacement, for example) require digging deeper into the tool bag.For these more complex jobs, you want to hire someone with every necessary tool at their disposal. This is especially important for assessing the problem itself.
  6. Honest Service – A respectable drain company won’t try to sell you something you don’t need. That includes trying to convince you to shell out for a total drain replacement when all you need is a good, thorough cleaning.

When your drainage system does stop working it’s crucial that you take care of business immediately so as to prevent lasting damage to your home. Follow the tips listed above and you’re certain to find the right company for your needs. Visit us on Google+

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