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Signs That You Need to Contact a Waterproofing Professional

Toronto water ProofingWhile there are many things that could “go wrong” in the average home, few more are more annoying, not to mention potentially serious, as a leaky basement. If not properly dealt with, what starts out as a relatively insignificant problem can end up seriously damaging and devaluing your home. But how can you tell if you need to pick up the phone and get in touch with a qualified waterproofing professional? Luckily for you this is something we know a thing or two about having provided a wide range of plumbing services (including basement waterproofing) to the communities of Toronto, Maple, Richmond Hill, King City, Stouffville, Newmarket and Aurora for many years. During this article we’re going to point out a few of the main signs that you have a waterproofing issue in your home.

When Calling a Professional Waterproofing Service is a Must

Too often we put things off as long as we possibly can, but in this case doing that can cost you dearly. If you spot any of the following signs in your basement, don’t hang around; call us or another plumbing contractor in your local area today.

  • Walls Coated in Mold – This is probably the biggest giveaway that you have a problem with moisture and that the area needs waterproofing. Mold thrives in environment s that contain excessive moisture and very little fresh air, which is exactly the type of environment that a leaky basement provides. Search your entire home for mold, paying particular attention to the basement area. Don’t just gloss over the interior walls of your home either as mold could be lurking in the tightest nooks and crannies in your home.
  • Cracked Walls? – Whilst you’re in your basement area you should also be on the lookout for three more things: Cracks in the concrete, honeycombing and tie holes. These are all signs that there are imperfections in your home’s walls that could provide a direct route into your home for moisture. Once any type of crack forms, no matter how small, it’s only a matter of time before water starts flowing through it and it gets bigger.
  • Can You See Water Stains? – This is another sure-fire way to tell whether you require the assistance of a waterproofing professional. If the water stains start at the top of your basement walls (the stains will be “denser” at the top and thin out the further they go down the wall if this is the case), it could be an indication that surface run-off outside your property is causing the problem. To remedy this problem external waterproofing and modifications to the landscaping surrounding your property will usually be recommended.
  • Bowed Walls – In extreme cases you could notice what we call “bowed walls”, which is where the pressure placed on your home’s foundations by the build-up of water (due to a poor drainage system) forces them to shift slightly. If this problem isn’t rectified (waterproofing would play a vital role in resolving this issue), it might be possible that your basement walls will collapse.

Basement flooding affects thousands of homeowners in the Toronto area every single year and making sure your basement is properly waterproofed is the best way to protect yourself against this issue. If you live in Toronto, Maple, Richmond Hill, Newmarket, Aurora, King City or Stouffville and you would like a professional to assess the condition of your property, contact us today on (416) 651-2990. Visit us on Google+

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