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6 Things Our Staff Do That Not Every Toronto Plumbing Contractor Does

toronto plumbing contractorIn the Greater Toronto Area, you will find a large number of plumbing companies, many of which provide high quality services to both commercial and domestic customers. We like to think that we are one of the very best contractors in this part of the world and the reason we believe this is so is because we are prepared to do more than our competitors in order to ensure your complete satisfaction.

What Makes Us the Best Toronto Plumbing Contractor

Before you pick up the phone and ask us to come and repair your plumbing, we’d like to tell you exactly what it is that our team offers.

  1. Free Advice – We are always willing to offer free advice to local residents who call to ask for it. Whether or not you decide to use our services, we will happily tell you what we think is the best course of action for you to take, for any given plumbing problem.
  2. Rapid Response Times – When we say that we offer a rapid response to emergency calls, we don’t mean that we will be there within a few days or a few hours: we mean that we will strive to reach your Toronto home or commercial property in a matter of minutes!
  3. Affordable Quotations – Our staff will always do their utmost to find the most cost effective way to solve your problems, whatever they may happen to be. Our first-class reputation as a Toronto plumbing contractor has partly been built on our determination to help our customers at the lowest possible cost, not the highest we think they can afford.
  4. Friendly and Courteous Service – Good manners cost nothing and should be a basic requirement that every contractor fulfils.
  5. Round-the-Clock Assistance – it doesn’t matter whether you call us at 3 in the afternoon or 3 in the morning, you are assured of a warm welcome and a fast resolution to your problems.
  6. Clean-up Service – Before leaving a site, our team will always make sure that it is as neat and tidy as it was when they arrived (even more so if they have just repaired a serious leak!).

If you want to make sure that the Toronto plumbing contractor you call will do a great job at a great price, call New Canadian Drain & Plumbing today. We will solve your problems and leave you satisfied!