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Why You Need to Contact a Plumber to Fix Even the Smallest of Leaks

plumbers torontoPlumbing leaks can be a real pain and the temptation is always there to simply pick up the pipe wrench and do it yourself. After all, how complicated can it be? But should you? In spite of the fact that the DIY-er in you may be aching to take on the challenge, leaks to your home’s plumbing system, no matter how great or small, should always be handled by a licensed professional.

4 Good Reasons You Should Never Play Plumber

Fixing a plumbing leak is not like hanging a new door or replacing an old rotten stair on your porch. Your home’s plumbing is a complex system based on engineering principles that have evolved over centuries. Here are four good reasons to leave plumbing to the plumber.

  1. Plumbing is Difficult – Fixing a plumbing leak is almost never as simple as it seems. You may well be a smart individual with plenty of DIY bona-fides but there’s a reason plumbers need to serve lengthy apprenticeships: plumbing is not easy. Trying to do it yourself will likely result in nothing but larger bills in the end.
  2. Fixing a Plumbing Leak Takes Time – There are no cosmetic fixes when it comes to plumbing. You can’t hide bad plumbing behind a painting. Whatever the problem, it needs to be traced to the source and that can take considerable time. If you’re trying to play hurry up with the process so you can get to work, you’re likely to do more harm than good.
  3. Safety – Plumbing lines often snake around gas lines and all manner of electrical wiring in the walls. It takes a properly trained plumber to be able to navigate the tangle effectively and safely. Remember water and electricity can be a deadly combination.
  4. Because Your Home is Worth It – Your home is the largest single investment you’ll ever make. By attempting to handle plumbing issues yourself you are rolling the dice with the future value of your largest investment.

By attempting to take on plumbing problems yourself you put your home, your health and your wallet at risk. New Canadian Drain and Plumbing can handle any problem you may have efficiently and effectively and have your home back to normal in no time. Call us on (416) 651 2990 with your problems and remember, we also offer 24 hour emergency service to anywhere in the GTA.