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Top 10 Questions To Ask a Drain Contractor

Drain Contractor TorontoEveryone wants to save a buck nowadays, right? More people clip coupons for groceries than ever before. More people sign-up for online services like Groupon, hoping to snag a deal on goods or services they use every day. Because the economy has yet to recover from the recession that began in 2007, consumers are trying to cut expenses wherever they can, including when it comes to buying big ticket items, taking a family vacation, or even delaying much desired home improvements. But one area where the typical homeowner cannot cut back is when it comes to plumbing repairs. Not everyone knows how to clean a drain or repair cracked pipes, so it is important to know what to look for when selecting a drain contractor.

At New Canadian Drain & Plumbing, we are the premier drain contractor in Toronto & the Greater Toronto Area and have hundreds of satisfied residential and business customers from Ajax to Scarborough to all points in between. We are famous for our commitment to value and outstanding customer service, as evidenced by our A+ rating with the local Better Business Bureau, and our high rating on the HomeStars vendor review website.

One thing that distinguishes us from the competition is our desire to truly help consumers solve plumbing problems before they get out of hand. If we can offer quick tips or advice on how to replace a float ball or install a new faucet, we are more than happy to help. Not every drain contractor would say the same thing, so if you are thinking of hiring a plumbing professional, here are the top 10 questions to keep in mind.

  1. Are you a licensed plumber? This is the most important question to ask. Thanks to online classifieds and other websites, any “handyman” man can post a listing offering services at cut throat prices, but please remember that you get what you pay for. Not only are many of these folks not licensed, but they may not even be qualified to do the work they say they can. At New Canadian Drain & Plumbing, our license — P17784 — is posted on our website for everyone to see.
  2. Are you insured? Every contractor needs to be licensed and insured, which protects the homeowner against inadvertent damages caused by the plumber, or pays medical expenses if someone is hurt while working. We would never let our customers get stuck with these expenses, which explains why we are bonded and insured.
  3. Make sure to ask a drain contractor if he or she works after hours. At New Canadian Drain & Plumbing, we understand plumbing emergencies can happen at all hours so we are available 24/7 — and never charge extra fees for off hours or emergency calls.
  4. Does your company do drain cleaning? Not every drain contractor cleans drains but, rather, sub-contracts this task to someone else. Our company does this work ourselves.
  5. What do you specialize in? A drain contractor who repairs pipes may not have experience installing a toilet, so be sure to ask.
  6. How quick do you respond to calls for service?
  7. How much do you charge? This is another good question to ask up front when looking for a drain contractor.
  8. Do you bill for travel? With gas prices on the rise, it is a fair question, so ask if the plumber starts charging you from the time he heads to your location. Some plumbers include this in their fees, but ask just in case.
  9. Do you have all the basic parts on your service truck, and do you charge extra if a part has to be ordered?
  10. Does your company have a website? This is not a requirement, and not every drain contractor has the time or resources to create a website. But it is nice to pick someone who does, as they will often post helpful tips, videos, and client testimonials promoting their consistently high quality service.

At New Canadian Drain & Plumbing, we are proud to say that we live in the communities we serve. We take great pride in the quality of the services we provide, and strive to win your trust. Visit us on Google+

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