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summer pool

Swimming pools are excellent additions to any home, offering hours of relaxation and fun. Yet, like everything of value, pools require maintenance and occasional plumbing repairs. Common problems swimming pool owners can experience include the following.

Debris Caught in the Filter

Every once in a while and for a variety of reasons, a pool’s filter system might not be working properly, often causing debris to get past the filter itself. Replacing the filter might fix the problem, but it may need to be inspected by a pool plumbing professional.

Filter Pressure Issues

There are two common filter pressure issues – decreases and increases in pressure. Increases can be caused by algae that’s blocking the filter; decreases are typically caused by faulty hardware or blocked suction lines. To avoid filter pressure issues, you should have the filter cleaned and maintained regularly. How often you have maintenance will depend on the kind of filter you have.

Flow Rate Problems

Changes in flow rate are a common indicator of problems with your swimming pool. If the flow of the pool’s water is shifting from one direction to another, it could be that the filter is excessively dirty or that there’s a clog in the suction. Backwashing the filter will help remove debris and improve the flow through the filter.


Leaks in the swimming pool plumbing can cause serious problems, potentially damaging your property and racking up costly water bills. You’ll also waste money on the chemicals you use to keep the pH balanced, that leak out with the water waste. The chemicals can also end up being diluted by the new water that’s pumped into the pool, making them less effective. Leaks should be checked out by an experienced plumber quickly to avoid excessive damage and costs.

Electrical Issues

Your swimming pool may have electrical issues if it’s not circulating correctly. Special features like lighting, automatic pool cleaning systems, waterfalls, etc., might not be working due to electrical problems. Additional electrical issues with swimming pools include pumps not turning off and on at set times or breakers could end up tripping.

If you are having swimming pool plumbing issues, it’s highly recommended that you contact a plumber with swimming pool maintenance and repair experience as soon as possible