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Preparing Ahead to Avoid Flood Damage scaled

The rainy seasons bring out the worst in faulty foundations, leading to flooded basements, a pricey mess for homeowners. The following are some tips on how to stop basement flooding in rainy seasons.

Inspect Gutters and Downspouts

Cleaning the gutters and maintaining downspouts is a crucial part of home maintenance. Keeping gutters clear of debris and making sure downspouts are positioned properly. Doing so will ensure that rainwater will flow freely, away from the foundation (water pooling around the foundation can lead to costly damages).

Look for Cracks in the Foundation

Cracks in the foundation can lead to water intrusion. Throughout the year make time to inspect the exterior foundation, along with the basement floors and walls if applicable. If you find a potential problem, call a professional plumber for a more comprehensive inspection.

Inspect the Sump Pump

Sump pumps are absolutely crucial in some homes because they are used to stop water from building up in your basement. Sump pump failure is one of the most frequent causes of basement flooding. Sump pumps require regular testing (every three to four months).

Sewer and Septic Problems

During periods of heavy, prolonged rainfall, clogged sewers and over-worked septic systems become disasters waiting to happen. A lack of maintenance, not having the sewer inspected or septic tank cleaning can create costly problems, including clogs, overflows and backups.

Window Well Covers

If you have below-grade basement windows you should protect them with window well covers. Window well covers work wonders when it comes to stopping basement flooding. You can find a clear window well covers that will let the sunshine into the basement, keeping it light and bright.

If you’ve ever experienced basement flooding, you know how damaging, expensive and stressful it can be. The recommendations listed here will help flood-proof your basement. To play it safe, have a professional plumber inspect your home before the rainy seasons start.