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How to Protect Yourself from Drain Cleaning Scams

Drain Cleaning in Toronto There are so many day-to-day tasks that need doing when you own a home that you could be forgiven for turning to outside help for assistance. However, when it comes drain cleaning in Toronto, be careful, as there are a number of scams that could take place. Here’s how to protect yourself from them.

Drain Cleaning in Toronto – How to Avoid the Scams

  • Take Note of the Language that They Use

More often than not, a scammer is looking to take advantage of those who are at their most vulnerable, and will assess your vulnerability through their choice of questions. By asking questions such as “are you home alone?” or “is your husband in?”, they’re seeking to find out whether or not they can get away with their scam – it’s easier to fool one person than it is to fool two people. If you hear questions that are looking to assess your vulnerability, either stay extremely cautious from thereon in or – better yet – ask them to leave. There are plenty of decent businesses for drain cleaning in Toronto that you can turn to instead.

  • Make Sure You’re Using a Reputable Company

By asking your friends and family or reading reviews online, you can get a great sense of whether or not a company is trustworthy. Further, it’s common for customers to ask to speak to previous customers of a business so they can see if they recommended them or not. If the company refuses to do this, you have to ask yourself – what are they trying to hide? The best way to avoid being scammed is to avoid the scammers in the first place.

  • Keep an Eye on Them

Whilst it’s tempting to go about your daily life whilst someone is seeing to your problem, you must ensure that you check up on them and don’t leave them out of your sight during the initial consultation. If you don’t keep an eye on them, they could manufacture problems out of thin air in an attempt to upsell you and get more money out of you by making the problem worse than it is. Don’t give them this chance!

  • Be Wary of Videos

Whilst the increasing use of technology has made our lives a lot easier, when it comes to scams it’s simply added more headaches. A popular trick amongst scam artists is to digitally insert a pre-recorded video of a pipe in poor condition that isn’t yours in order to try and convince you to spend money to fix it.  Don’t fall for it! Get them to film something recognizable in your room too so you know its your pipes you’re seeing, and be keep an eye out for dodgy video transitions.

Go with Your Gut

If at any point you feel uncomfortable or pressured, then move on to another company. There are tons of honest companies that do drain cleaning in Toronto so do you homework and don’t settle for a scammer.