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water service replacementWater is essential in our daily lives. Whether it’s to drink, bathe or clean, we use great amounts of it every day and quite often take it for granted. With that said though, there’s a large number of people who simply aren’t getting the most out of their water. Here’s how to tell if you need a water service replacement.

Do You Need a Water Service Replacement? Here’s How to Tell

  • A Drop in Pressure, or Low Pressure to Start With

Having a drop in pressure is a tell-tale sign that you may need a water service replacement. It can occur for several reasons – damaged sewer lanes, clogged drains and a damaged water main to name but a few. If you notice a drop in pressure then you will be better off getting in contact with a contractor to see if you water main is damaged or if you’re losing water anywhere. Not only will your pressure be back to normal, you won’t be paying over the odds for water lost along the way anymore.

  • A Bill that’s Higher than Usual

It’s very important to keep an eye on your bills as they can tell you if you have any problems before you notice any physical effects. If your bill is high, then it could be an indicator that there’s a damaged line or main somewhere in your home, causing you to pay for water you’re not using. If you notice the bill is bigger than usual without any significant increase in usage, then you’ll want to call somebody in to get to the bottom of why that is.

  • Dirty Water

If you see water coming through your taps that isn’t its usual transparent colour but more tinted or brown, then it could be a sign that your pipes are damaged or corroded, or that dirt is getting in somewhere. Whilst it’s hard to tell with the tap running, fill a glass to get a better look at the state of your water. If there’s anything amiss, call in a professional before the pipes get damaged to bursting point as you may need a water service replacement.

  • A Wet Lawn, despite Having No Rain

Pipes travel underground, and so if you have a lawn that’s soggy in places despite there being no downpour of rain, it could be a sign that the water line that’s running below it has been compromised and is in need of service.

  • Rusty-Looking Pipes

Obvious as it sounds, if your pipes are looking worse for wear on the outside, there’s a high chance they’re worse for wear on the inside too. Don’t take the risk – call someone for a replacement.

Acting Quickly is the Best Way to Deal with It

If you’ve noticed any of the above signs or would like a second opinion, don’t hesitate to get in contact with a contractor. They’ll be able to assess quickly whether you have a problem or not, and act before the problem because any bigger – or more expensive.