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Clogged drains are one of the most common plumbing problems. It may start small, go unnoticed, and cause more severe problems such as corrosion, flooding, and sewage backup. Once it reaches this stage, it is a nuisance as it takes time to fix and find the root of the issue.

So be careful and check your drainage system often. Better yet, try to avoid doing things that create clogs. The most common causes of drain clogs might not surprise you, but a quick reminder may help scout out problems before they become more significant.


Hair is a massive contributor to clogged drains. We lose hair in the shower and sink and don’t give it much thought. It is worse if the hair contains waxy styling products, as clogging will happen more quickly. So try to brush loose strands onto the countertop and toss them in the garbage.

Food Waste

Even for those who have a garbage disposal, excessive food waste can build up, especially food with oil or grease. We recommend wiping food off dishes before washing them in the sink. Or set up a compost bin for food waste!

Small Objects

If you have children and/or animals, there may be situations where tiny toys or objects fall into the toilet. A toilet lid should always be closed to avoid this from happening. A sink guard will help prevent this from happening in the kitchen and bathroom sinks.

Toilet Paper and Cotton Products

Excessive flushing of toilet paper or cotton products can easily clog drains. Avoid flushing cotton products down the toilet altogether, and be careful about the overuse of toilet paper. One-ply toilet paper may not be your favorite, but it can save drain blockage.


If you have a clogged drain, it is best not to use DIY methods. Many of the most popular drain cleaning products can cause corrosion. Be sure to call a professional – like us! New Canadian Drain & Plumbing has the experts who will unclog your drain(s) professionally! Click here to get a free estimate, or call 416-651-2990.