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When pipes are exposed to temperatures below freezing for a long time, ice replaces the water, increasing the pressure and causing frozen or even burst pipes. If you have ever experienced frozen pipes in the past, you are likely to reencounter them. Toronto’s winters can do a number on your plumbing system, so best to avoid expensive repairs, frustration, and total discomfort by learning these critical tips in advance.

The minimum temperature to keep pipes from freezing is about -6.7 degrees Celsius (20 degrees Fahrenheit), yet it depends on their exposure to the elements. If interior pipes are near cracks in the wall or foundation, they can quickly produce ice obstructions. The bottom line is to learn the tricks that will avoid emergency plumbing in your Toronto home!

Smart Frozen Pipe Prevention Practices

  • Open cabinets to let warm air circulate

Air and heat circulation will help combat the possibility of finding frozen pipes during the winter season. Every time you expect frigid nights, open your cabinets before sleep-time and relax, knowing the consistent temperature in the house will likely keep the pipes in normal working condition.

  • Keep garage doors closed.

If your water supply lines go through the garage, make sure to keep the garage doors closed. Most garage floors are constructed of concrete, which keeps the space cold. So avoid letting in colder air into the garage and ultimately into the attached house.

  • Let faucets drip

It may sound counterintuitive, but leaving even one faucet running will produce a small amount of heat, making it more difficult for freezing to happen. Pick the faucets closest to exposed pipes and let them run to help prevent ice blockages from forming.

  • Keep all interior doors open.

Most pipes are located in the bathrooms and kitchen. By keeping the interior doors open, it will help keep the temperature consistent throughout the house. Avoid the uneven distribution of heat and keep the air circulating.

  • Seal openings to the outdoors

If you don’t already have a door draft stopper, consider getting one for every door exposed to the outdoors. Other options are to install new door weather strips – which is an inexpensive way to seal the doors and windows from allowing cold air to sneak in.

  • Set the temperature for consistency

The best rule of thumb is to keep your thermostat setting as consistent as possible, night and day. Stable temperature settings will help keep your pipes free of ice. Avoid the temptation of changing the settings several times a day. Any temperature 55 degrees Fahrenheit or higher will help keep the house at a consistent temperature and allow the pipes to flow.


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