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Here’s What Not to Do If You Encounter a Blocked Drain in Your Home

blocked drains in TorontoIt’s been a long day at the office and all you want to do is get the kitchen clean after dinner and relax. Then, to your disgust, you realise you have a clogged drain. Whether it’s in the kitchen, shower, toilet or outside, a blocked drain is the last thing any homeowner wants to deal with. To make matters worse, clearing a blocked drain might seem like a quick and easy (yet annoying) job you can handle yourself, but you could end up with more problems if you don’t know what you’re doing. Here are a few mistakes we see people make with blocked drains in Toronto.

  1. Using bleach and other chemicalsMost chemicals on the market for blocked drains in Toronto can be very dangerous, not only to the people working with them, but also to the pipes we so carelessly pour them down. These unclogging chemicals are usually only helpful for small blockages, and as soon as the blockage gets worse, we tend to franticly overuse the chemicals which leads to serious damage and leaks to the pipes.
  2. Plunging awayUsing too much force when plunging a drain might sound like harmless effort, but even this poses danger to pipes. And as easy as it may sound to use, people often just plunge away without thinking how to effectively use the tool. If your efforts of plunging seems useless, it probably is. Rather, get in touch with a blocked drain expert.
  3. Water pressure is not the answerPushing down whatever is blocking your drain with intense water pressure might seem like a logical solution, but this poses the risk of damaging the pipes which will end up costing more to fix than it would’ve to get someone to unclog the drain in the first place.
  4. Boiling waterPipes are not made to endure hot water and if the water is hot enough to dissolve blockage it is probably also hot enough to damage the pipes and cause leaks.
  5. Turning to Google: “blocked drains in TorontoWithin seconds thousands of websites will pop up offering the “best” DIY advice on how to unblock your drains using everyday household items such as a coat hangers and wires. Although some might get lucky with this quick, cheap fix, you could end up with a hanger stuck in your pipes or with more grease just pushed down into the drain.

Blocked drains are an annoying task that can lead to more serious and costly plumbing problems, so try to avoid it in the first place. Prevention is better than the cure. Throw out excess food and grease before washing the dishes, clear the shower drain of hair regularly and remember the toilet is not a trashcan. It’s also important to regularly check for blockages. Getting rid of a slightly clogged drain is easier than letting it build up.

Do you have a blocked drain in Toronto?

Take the safe way out and avoid the risk of damaging the pipes. Let us help you with this annoying task and prevent the problem from getting bigger. Contact our plumbing experts for quality and professional work.