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emergency plumbing in TorontoPlumbing is a well-established trade whose secrets essentially haven’t changed since they were first worked out by the ancients thousands of years ago. Still the modern plumbing system is not an indestructible system. On the contrary, it’s susceptible to a range of problems that could wind up undermining the integrity and safety of your entire home and everyone who lives within. In order to fend off problems a number of supplemental plumbing devices have been developed and below we’re going to look at 3 that we feel are worth the investment.

Devices that Minimize the Need for Emergency Plumbing in Toronto

These 3 devices are well worth the investment and should help protect your home from the unexpected while staving off the need for emergency plumbing in Toronto.

  • Backflow preventer – A backflow prevention device consists of a series of check valves that prevent outflowing water from flowing back into the house and contaminating clean water. This type of flow reversal sometimes happens as a result of an unexpected change in water pressure within the system. When it’s properly installed by trusted professionals like those at New Canadian Drain a backflow preventer can help ensure the drinking water in your home is always free of contaminants.
  • A tankless system may be your best bet – A tankless water heater can fend off problems like thermal stacking that have dogged traditional water heater tank systems for decades. Thermal stacking occurs when layers of varying temperature are formed in the tank through the intermittent activation of the water heater. These layers of differing temperature may seem harmless enough but they can actually cause serious injury when the water emitted from the shower head suddenly turns from cool to scalding hot without warning.Besides providing you an extra level of protection against unpredictable water heater phenomenon the tankless system can help save you a significant amount of money as well. Because you are not paying to store a large quantity of water and maintain it at a certain temperature you basically heat only what you use, which is a far more cost-effective and environmentally friendly way to provide hot water for your domestic needs.
  • The water heater timer – While it may not technically be an emergency plumbing device there is no doubt you’ll prevent emergency cash shortfalls if you install a water heater timer in your home. If you have a water heater located outside your house you’re likely to see larger than average savings with this device. The water heater timer helps you save significant amounts of money on your utility bills, especially if you are charged a premium for electricity during peak hours. Just set the timer to heat your water during off peak hours.

Any one of these devices will help protect your home and your loved ones from injury or illness and help you secure the integrity and value of your home while saving you money for years to come. If you find yourself in need of emergency plumbing in Toronto give New Canadian Drain a call.