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Bathroom fixtures are the most touched areas in the home (and before we wash our hands), making them a breeding ground of bacteria. A touchless bathroom provides a healthier environment by removing several common touch points. Because they don’t have levers or knobs, you’re less likely to pass on germs, reducing the spread of illness. Fairly common in commercial restrooms, touchless bathroom fixtures are becoming a popular choice in residential bathrooms as well.

Benefits of Touchless Bathroom Fixtures

Creates a Healthier Environment

Being more hygienic rates as one of the main benefits of touchless bathroom features. Bathrooms tend to collect viruses and bacteria more than other parts of a home or commercial building. A “touchless” bathroom provides a healthier environment by removing several common touch points. Without knobs and levers, it’s harder to pass germs in the bathroom, providing fewer opportunities to transfer illness.

More Efficient Than Traditional Bathroom Fixtures

Touchless fixtures increase the efficiency of a bathroom. They minimize waste because they automatically turn off, reducing a significant amount of water use every year. Water conservation is a crucial issue for all of us, because it’s good for the environment and can decrease water bills. The added cost of touchless bathroom fixtures is a worthy investment as well, especially when you consider the added value to the property and reduction of water usage.

Today, hygienic amenities have become extremely important to consumers. Touchless bathroom fixtures, bathroom faucets are cleaner and healthier options because of the reduced contact with surfaces that attract bacteria. While they’re the better choice when compared to standard bathroom features, it’s still important to keep them clean. The good news is that touchless fixtures stay clean longer, because soapy hands don’t touch them as often.



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