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5 Common Summer Plumbing Issues

When it comes to potential home maintenance issues during the summer, plumbing problems typically aren’t the first things to come to mind. The truth is that the warm weather months trigger several plumbing problems that aren’t even an issue other times of the year. Here are 5 plumbing problems that commonly occur during the summer.

1. Flooding in the Basement
Summer rainfalls more often than you may think, and unexpected rainstorms can quickly become a basement flooding problem. This can occur for several reasons, however, it’s most often the result of water following the easiest path to destruction. This path can lead it to the exterior walls of the basement, saturating the ground and ultimately making its way inside.

2. Shower Drain Problems
Summer is filled with fun outdoor activities. This means taking more showers and tracking substances like sand, dirt, and other debris into the shower, causing drain problems. To avoid slow clearing shower drains, keep an eye out for debris, use a shower drain if applicable, and clean out excess hair in the drain regularly.

3. Water Leaks
Summer is actually the best time of year to check for plumbing problems like water leaks in faucets, drinking water lines, pipes underneath the sink, hot water heaters, bathtubs, sprinklers, etc. You’ll want to inspect for leaks before they turn into a pricey problem during the summer.

4. Water Sprinkler Problems
If you have water sprinklers, clean and inspect the heads before the summer season starts. Make sure that the sprinkler heads are clear of debris before using them and that they’re not damaged. Broken sprinkler heads not only affect how well the yard gets watered, they wastewater as well.

5. A Sewer Line Backup
The last thing you want to deal with during the summer is a sewer line backup. Some areas of the country are prone to summer thunderstorms and rain showers. When this happens, excessive rain can get in through cracks in the sewer pipes, causing the sewer line to back up. Another common problem with the sewer line during the summer is tree roots cracking the pipes. If you notice any indications of sewer line trouble, like water from the toilet backing up through the bathtub drain, call an experienced plumber right away.

Don’t let these common plumbing problems wreck your summer holidays. A little bit of care and attention can help you avoid problems at a time when you should be enjoying the sunshine. Not sure what to look for? Contact a trusted plumber for advice or to arrange for an inspection.