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The popularity of personal wipes reached an all-time high in 2015 in the U.S. (according to Euromonitor International, a market research group) and it continues to grow. Several companies are labeling these products “flushable wipes” or claim that they are safe for septic use. The truth is, wipes, in general, don’t belong in the toilet, regardless of what the label says. While flushable wipes may go down easily, they can eventually cause a lot of costly problems.

Exactly what Happens to “Flushable Wipes” Once they’ve been Flushed?

They go down the drain without a problem, however, once they hit a 45-degree angle in the plumbing pipes, they start to collect. Over time, instead of being flushed out to where they belong, they end up plugging up the plumbing. Flushable wipes can end up blocking the sewer completely – both issues can result in a backup that requires the help of an experienced plumber.

Besides causing blockages, wipes can end up damaging wastewater equipment, grabbing on to impellers inside the pump, causing it to burn out. Wastewater treatment authorities across the country have been pleading with consumers to quit flushing wet wipes, even if they are advertised to be safe.

Bottom line, just because company’s say you can flush their products, doesn’t mean you should – just ask a licensed plumber – you can they’ll have some stories to tell! Instead. If you must use wet wipes – toss them in the trash – not in the toilet.

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