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Why It’s Better to Pay for Quality Waterproofing in the Long Run

waterproofing torontoYour home is the largest single investment you’ll ever make. And it all rests on the foundation. A compromised foundation can undermine the integrity of your entire house requiring weeks or months of expensive repairs. If damage to the foundation is serious enough the house may even be condemned. The most common cause of foundation damage is water.

The Preventive Value of Waterproofing

Water may seem innocent enough but think of it this way: it was water that carved the Grand Canyon. By allowing hydrostatic pressure to have its way with your foundation walls you are opening the door to future problems. Towels, sump pumps and dehumidifiers will only go so far in mitigating the effects of a leaky foundation. At some point you’ll have to call in the professionals to fix the problem.

But why let things get that far? The smart thing to do is call the pros at New Canadian Drain and Plumbing before problems arise and rest easy knowing your home’s future has been secured against…

  • Mold and Allergies – Allowing hydrostatic pressure to create fissures in your foundation walls will allow water in and promote the growth of mold in your basement. This can lead to allergies or worse as many types of mold are known to be hazardous to human health.
  • Structural Damage – Excessive moisture in the basement can also permeate the rest of the home and lead to rotting wood, compromised drywall and more. Walls thusly weakened constitute a serious structural problem in their own right. And an expensive one to fix at that.
  • Loss of Value – A home compromised by water damage will lose a significant amount of value and become far less attractive to potential buyers. After just a couple of years of leaking your home could go from a desirable property to a “fixer-upper”.

The waterproofing pros at New Canadian Drain and Plumbing can initiate a waterproofing program for your home that will keep any water related problems permanently at bay. Or, if you’ve already begun to experience leaks, we can get to the heart of the problem quickly and institute effective long term solutions that can preserve, and in some cases even increase, your home’s value. Call us today on (416) 651 2990 to find out more about our cracked wall repair service as well as our interior and exterior waterproofing solutions.