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Why Does My Toilet Keep Clogging?

Dealing with the toilet clogging over and over again despite your best efforts to fix it can be really frustrating! There are so many things that could be causing the clogging, so how do you know which it is? We at New Canadian Drain want to help keep Toronto’s plumbing functional. That’s why we put together this list of reasons why your toilet might be acting up!

User Error

Before we get to more complicated causes, let’s be sure to rule out the most basic cause of clogging. There are a lot of ways human error can cause clogging, the most common being too much TP! If you use too much toilet paper at once, this could be the cause for your incessant clogging. If more than one person is using the toilet in question, it might be worth asking around if one of them is flushing too much paper down.

Not the toilet paper? The other thing could be a foreign object lodged in the curved portion of the toilet’s piping. If you have young children, it’s all too easy for them to try flushing something that doesn’t belong. It’s also worth considering that something might have fallen out of an adult’s pocket. If you want to check for foreign objects in the toilet, a camera inspection may be necessary.

Be careful not to disregard the idea of a foreign object being in the way. All too often, we forget what foreign really means for a toilet. Baby wipes and sanitary products are often labeled ‘flushable’, but are actually hard on the sewer system. They can just as easily back up and lodge themselves into your plumbing. Plunging the toilet might work once or twice. Unfortunately, continued use or too many backed up could be cause for professional help.

Water Pressure

If you’re using a pretty typical amount of toilet paper and it still seems too much for your toilet to handle, it could be pressure. Many older toilet models have low water pressure to conserve water. Unfortunately, it doesn’t conserve much water to need repeated flushing during the unclogging process.

If your water line is damaged, that could also cause low pressure. The toilet’s tank won’t fill all the way up and, therefore, not give enough pressure to get the toilet’s contents down.

Sewer Line

Sewer line problems are even harder to deal with. While plunging can be done at home and some water pressure issues can be attempted by yourself, these cannot. We recommend giving us a call for water pressure issues as well, but these are non-negotiable and need a professional plumber.

  • Improperly fitted joints between pipes can lead to shifting, which will obstruct the line.
  • A belly in the sewer line is when a part of the piping shifts lower than the rest and causes pooling. The standing water slows down all
  • other passing waste and can cause backing up and clogs.
    • Badly packed soil can settle later and make pipes drop lower than intended. This will cause a belly in the piping.
    • Soil with problems to begin with can also cause a belly if it shifts unexpectedly and causes a drop in the pipe.