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Nobody likes to call the plumber. We understand that. Calling the plumber often means incurring expenses and maybe taking the kitchen, bathroom or even all water related aspects of the house out of commission for a while. Still, while most folks associate the plumber with inconvenience and expense the fact is that allowing problems to fester in your pipes is a sure-fire way to guarantee they’ll blossom into bigger, more expensive issues down the road.

It’s All About Which Drain Company in Toronto You Choose

When problems arise with your drains the price of not calling a qualified drain company in Toronto can turn out to be much higher than biting the bullet and dialling one up. To illustrate the point here are a number of things that could happen if you decide to try and avoid needed plumbing work.

  • Sewage Backup – If your toilet constantly needs to be plunged it could be trying to tell you that there’s a clog in the sewer line itself. If ignored this type of clog could eventually lead to raw sewage backing up and spilling out of various drains in your house. Believe us, several inches or more of raw sewage on the kitchen floor is something you never want to see. And we won’t even get into the enormous health hazard such a situation would also pose.
  • Foundation Issues – If signs of trouble with your drains are ignored don’t be surprised if one day you discover a large convexity in your front yard. This indicates that the lateral pipe that links to the sewer main has ruptured and water is escaping into the ground causing the soil to compress. You may think a little water in the ground is no big deal but it’s only a matter of time before that water begins to undermine the very foundations of the home itself.
  • Mold – A leaking pipe in the basement may seem like nothing to worry about but it is. Water in the basement can invite all manner of invasive bug species to take up residence in your cellar. It will also promote the growth of mold in the basement. While mold in the basement may seem normal, it isn’t. It can lead to family members suffering allergic reactions and certain species known to invade basements are potentially fatal to humans.
  • Damage to Flooring – Even if the water that has spilled out all over your floors is not saturated with raw sewage it can and will do significant damage to hardwood floors and carpeting as well as furniture. Say goodbye to your prized antique Persian rug and hello to the bill for repairing or replacing all your once beautiful furnishings.

At New Canadian Drain we never forget that we work for you and because of that we do everything in our power to keep costs down. Whether your drains need routine maintenance or emergency repair call the drain company Toronto residents trust more than any other for prompt affordable service: New Canadian Drain and Plumbing.