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Troubleshooting Wet Basement Repair Problems

wet basement repair Toronto
Basements can be great spaces within the home. Even if they are unfurnished, they can be used for activities like carpentry, working out, or simply turned into a well-organized storage space. This can only happen if a basement is nice and dry, however. Wet basements are simply wasted space, and at worst they can become a damaging source of moisture.

Although not all wet basement repair issues need to be an immediate cause for concern, it is best to get any problems dealt with efficiently, in order to maintain the usability of the space. Wet basement problems can range from mustiness to serious leakage due to hydrostatic pressure, and there are different ways to address the various situations you might face.

If your basement is simply a little musty and humid, you can take a couple of steps to lower the humidity level. Use a dehumidifier to get rid of excess water vapor. Air conditioning the basement will also have the same effect.

A Few Common Problems & Solutions

  1. Too much condensation can also be a problem which may necessitate some wet basement repair. Cold water pipes are often the culprit; if you notice your pipes dripping due to condensation (as opposed to leaking), you should try and insulate them. You can call in professionals to do the job, or you can also obtain foam sleeves and do the job yourself. Remember to leave the valve handles exposed, however.
  2. Condensation on the walls of your basement might require more extensive action. You may notice mildew, damp walls, and condensation on window frames and glass. Check your basement for possible sources of humidity – is there a dryer vent, or possibly a leaking laundry machine? It may be best to consult an expert about possible wet basement repair; in this case you may want to consider insulating your basement walls.
  3. Do you see any water seeping into your basement? Or perhaps dampness is visible near the floor and wall joints. This may be caused by external water pressure, triggered by heavy rain or badly placed downspouts. Further, the problem may be aggravated by slopes that carry water towards the foundation of your house instead of away from it. Solutions may include: altering the landscape of your house, extending downspouts, and applying waterproofing compound to the interior basement walls.
  4. If you have serious water leakage however, call in Toronto wet basement repair experts immediately. Large cracks or significant drainage problems may necessitate more drastic solutions, such as installing an interior drainage system, or repairing and waterproofing your basement’s walls from the outside.

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Only you can make the decision as to when you call in professionals to take a look at your wet basement problems. However, at New Canadian Drain & Plumbing we recommend that you call in the experts sooner rather than later. Sometimes small problems can turn into larger ones, so it is better to take preventative measures early on. We always respect our clients’ needs and requirements, and never start any work before all parties involved agree on the best course of action to be taken. Call us for a free consultation or estimate today. Visit us on Google+

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