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Toronto’s Leading Plumbing Contractor Explains How You Can Use Less Water This Summer

Toronto Plumber ContractorWhen most of us think of plumbers, we think about emergency plumbing services like thawing frozen pipes, repairing a backed-up toilet or clearing a severely clogged drain. But there is much more to plumbing than that.

Plumbers are also experts in water usage and conservation. Toronto’s leading plumbing contractor is happy to provide some useful information on simple ways to cut down on water consumption this summer; reducing the impact on the environment as well as on your wallet.

7 Simple, Plumbing Contractor-Approved Steps to Cutting Down Your Water Consumption

  1. Check Faucets for Leaks – A leaky faucet may not seem like a serious problem, but the water usage does add up. You’ll see it reflected in a bigger monthly water bill. Check for leaks regularly and when you do find one, take care of it promptly.
  2. Install Water-Conserving Shower Heads and Low-Flow Faucet Aerators – Water-saving attachments to the shower and faucets aren’t novelties anymore; they’re used by increasing amounts of people and technology has advanced far enough that you can use a water-saving shower head without feeling much of a difference. call an expert for faucet leak repair!
  3. Cut Down on Shower Time – Most of us enjoy taking a while in the shower, at least once in a while. But if you want to get serious about reducing water consumption, spend only as much as is necessary. You can get in, get clean and get out in just a few minutes.If you’re really serious about it, run the water only at the beginning and end of your shower, you can scrub yourself with the water turned off!
  4. Be Selective About Watering the Lawn – The Toronto summer can be hot and dry, and sometimes it’s necessary to water the lawn. But make sure you do this only when it’s necessary. A lawn only needs about an inch of water each week to maintain its green colour. And if it does go brown, the autumn rains will restore it to its former glory in no time.
  5. Don’t Use the Toilet as a Wastebasket – Each flush uses around five to seven gallons of water, so be selective about how many times you flush in a given day. Use it for what it was intended for, not as a wastebasket. This is a waste of water and can result in annoying clogging, which if bad enough can require emergency plumbing services.You can also have your local plumbing contractor install a low-flow toilet to reduce water usage.
  6. Be Careful with the Washing Machine and Dishwasher – When washing clothes or dishes, be sure to run only full loads. This will cut down on energy consumption as well as water, resulting in dual savings for both your budget and the environment.If you have the means you can also invest in a washing machine that will tailor its water usage to the specific size of the load.
  7. Use the Water Meter to Check for Leaks – An easy way to check for leaky pipes or fixtures is to turn off all of the faucets, shower heads and appliances, then check the water meter at an interval of two hours. If the house used water during this time, it has a leak (or several). Not only will leaks drain money from your pocket, they could result in costly water damage requiring the services of a drain company or emergency plumbing contractor.

Reducing your water usage is easy, just requiring a bit of foreknowledge and dedication. And it pays big dividends down the road. Lower water bills, a healthier environment; it may even save you a call to a plumbing contractor!

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