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Toronto Drain CompanyResidential drains are vital to the running of a home but are often very under appreciated, with most homeowners only acknowledging their existence when they are no longer able to do what they are designed to do — remove all waste materials from your home with the minimum of fuss. However, while some people simply don’t maintain their drains, others do things that they think will prolong the lifespan of their drains and help them to function more efficiently, but in actual fact these “tricks” do more harm than good. As Toronto’s leading drain company, we’ve assisted homeowners all over the city, including many in Maple, Richmond Hill, King City, Stouffville, Newmarket and Aurora, and over the years we’ve come across the same set of myths time and time again. Today we’re going to set the record straight once and for all so you don’t make the same mistakes as so many have done before you.

Listen to a Professional Drain Company: Don’t Do the Following

There’s so much misinformation floating around out there that we would have to write for days in order to cover all of the myths about drain maintenance and care, but there are several that are more common than others, so we going to stick to those during this post. Keep reading to protect your drains!

  • I’m More than Capable of Handling it Myself – Would you trust yourself to change the engine in your car or perform a heart transplant on your wife? Unless you’re qualified in those areas, I highly doubt that you would, as your chances of success would be slim to none. What many homeowners don’t seem to “get” is that plumbing is a skill that requires a great deal of training and experience. While there are certainly things you can do to prolong the lifespan of your home’s drains and plumbing system, annual maintenance, repairs and new installations should be left to the pros.
  • Strainers are Pointless – We’ve worked with many homeowners who initially said “what’s the point in installing strainers over my drains?” While they are a simple piece of kit, strainers perform a valuable role and can help to keep your drains functioning more efficiently for longer. Any good drain company will tell you that keeping your drains free of debris (food particles and hair being the most common) is absolutely vital and that’s exactly what strainers do.
  • Toilets Can Dispose of Anything – Toilets are by far the most common blocked drain that a drain company is called out to deal with and usually this problem is completely avoidable. It’s simply a matter of being disciplined about what you flush. If you regularly use your toilet to dispose of items that don’t break down, it’s common sense that eventually the drain will get blocked, right?! Well unfortunately that doesn’t stop millions of homeowners putting hand wipes, grease, food and hygiene products down the toilet each year.

Rather than guessing what you should or shouldn’t do with regards to taking care of your drains, why not just ask a professional drain company? A short term investment is surely worth it to experience long term gains. If you are experiencing problems with the drains at your home or business and you live in Maple, Richmond Hill, King City, Stouffville, Newmarket or Aurora, get in touch with our team today. Visit us on Google+

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