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The Difference Between Hard & Soft Water

You may not realize which type of water is being pumped into your home. Believe it or not, the difference between hard and soft water can make a huge difference in your life. Hard water contains dissolved minerals, such as calcium, magnesium, iron, chalk, and lime. Soft water is treated and only contains sodium.

As rainwater falls, it picks up these minerals along the way through the ground and onto the waterways. These essential minerals give the water a distinct taste that many people claim has a better taste than soft water and could be considered healthier.

Hard Water – Details 

However, hard water is responsible for many of the negative effects it has on household chores, such as laundry, dishes, bathtubs and the like. If you experience any or all of the following, you are probably using hard water.

  • Spotty glasses and dishes after being cleaned in the dishwasher
  • Film and soap scum in sinks and bathtub
  • Dingy-looking clothes that have detergent deposit residual after laundering
  • Dull hair that is more static-y
  • Appliances such as coffee makers that need frequent cleaning due to mineral build-up
  • Soap that does not lather and foam
  • Minerals that leave a white scale on faucets and showerheads

If the build-up from hard water is not periodically removed and cleaned it can cause real damage to your hot water tank, pipes, and appliances that use water. It ends up being more expensive also because more cleaning products are required since it resists soaps, dish detergent, and lotions.

Water Pipes

If you reside in the Greater Toronto area and receive your drinking water from the City of Toronto, and live in a home that was built before the mid-50s, you may want a water service replacement. Unfortunately, pipes that were installed in these older homes were made of lead, which is not something anyone wants in their water.

The city is responsible for changing the pipes that lead up to those residences, however, the home dweller is responsible for changing the pipes once they reach the property line. Pipe replacement is an investment in your home and your health and our Toronto-based plumbing company is ready to help.


New Canadian Plumbing & Drain Water Services

We don’t sell water filters, but we know a great deal about hard and soft water. If you have a question about your home’s water or want to take care of replacing old pipes and increasing the value and health-consciousness of your home, give us a call! 416-651-2990 or contact us here.

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