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One thing you should never lose sight of when it comes to your home is that it’s likely the largest single investment you’ll ever make. Any major renovations, additions or repairs made to the house have the potential to affect its long term value. As such while DIY projects can be fun and rewarding it needs to be recognized that they have their limits. When it comes to the drainage system of your house for example, do-it-yourselfers need to rein themselves in and call the professionals.

Don’t-Do-It-Yourself Drain Repairs in Toronto

If you attempt to repair your home’s drainage system yourself and things don’t go according to plan you could wind up creating tens of thousands of dollars in water damage and undermining the value of your house. It’s not worth it. Here are several drain repairs Toronto residents should leave to the professionals.

  • Unclogging Drains – If your sink is stopped up there’s no harm in taking out the plunger and having a go at it. But if you don’t see results in a few minutes it means there’s more than a potato peel or two in the way and you should call the plumber. There’s no point in taking it personal and assaulting the clog with ever greater amounts of OTC drain cleaners either. You’ll only harm the inside of your pipes.
  • Repairing the Toilet – If your clogged toilet isn’t responding to the plunger the answer is not to break out the pipe wrench and start dismantling the drainage system, the answer is to call the plumber. Toilets look simple enough but the things that could go painfully wrong with a DIY repair are numerous and potentially catastrophic. Some of the worst problems plumbers see are caused by DIY toilet repairs gone bad.
  • Replacing Pipes – There are plenty of TV shows that promote the idea that anyone with a couple of hours and a pipe wrench can replace old or damaged pipes. If only this were so. Replacing pipes is one of the most difficult parts of the plumber’s job as it impacts nearly every aspect of the plumbing system. Mess up one thing and you’re looking at potentially widespread water damage to your house.
  • Correcting Low Water Pressure – Sometimes low water pressure from the tap is the result of nothing more than a clogged aerator. But if you’ve removed and cleaned the aerator and the pressure hasn’t returned to normal it’s time to call the plumber. Low water pressure could mean anything from a broken pipe to a build-up of mineral deposits in the pipe to problems with the city supply.

Few things will undermine your home’s value more effectively than a large scale leak in the plumbing system and all too often that’s what happens when DIYers take drain repair into their own hands. If you’re having problems with your drains call New Canadian Drain and let us set things right. We’re the go-to choice for drain repairs in Toronto because we offer prompt, affordable service and a full 25 year warranty on all drain related work.