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plumbing services torontoFrozen water pipes are a nightmare no homeowner wants to experience. If the pipes burst the results for your home could be catastrophic and your family could be forced to relocate until the situation is fixed. Frozen water pipes are not an inevitable thing, however, and there are certain steps your plumbing professional can take to help prevent your water pipes freezing, even in the face of the most extreme climatic conditions.

Plumbing Services in Toronto That Can Keep Your Pipes From Freezing

To prevent pipes from freezing this winter you’ll want to schedule an inspection of your plumbing system before the cold weather takes hold. This will involve the plumber taking the complete tour of your system and then taking certain steps that will help stave off a freeze event, including:

  • Repairing leaks – Water leaks no matter how seemingly minor can lead to major problems especially during the wintertime. The first order of business when winterizing your pipes is to make sure they’re all in proper working order and fixing leaks is crucial.
  • Insulating pipes – Anywhere the pipes are exposed to cold, moving air they should be insulated. This may include areas of the basement and exterior walls. The fact that sewer lines can freeze does not occur to most homeowners until it’s too late.
  • Installing a hot water recirculation value – This type of value automatically circulates the water in your pipes whenever it drops below a selected temperature. By keeping the water moving it dramatically reduces the likelihood it will freeze. You may wind up spending slightly more on energy but the problems it prevents will make it worth it.

In addition to enlisting the help of plumbing services in Toronto there are other steps you can take yourself to ensure that a deep freeze outdoors doesn’t result in frozen pipes indoors.

  • Leave the water dripping during the coldest cold spells.
  • Keep the garage door closed. This will keep the whole house, including the pipes, warmer.
  • Open cabinet doors that have water pipes behind them. This allows heat from the room to warm the pipes and prevent freezing.

Frozen water pipes are not the inevitable consequence of cold weather, they’re the unfortunate side effect of poor wintertime preparation. Call New Canadian Drain and Plumbing services Toronto on (416) 651-2990 to discuss preparing your water pipes for the coming cold. We’ve helped scores of Toronto homeowners avoid the calamity of frozen pipes, and we can help you too.