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How Often Should I Get My Drains Cleaned?

Have you ever been prepared for a rejuvenating shower just to notice that the water doesn’t drain? Or rather have you ever finished washing your dishes, and the dirty water just seems to collect on your sink?

This is just but a result of a clogged draining system. And you probably don’t want the same thing happening again; hence, your home maintenance should be at the forefront of your core business. However, you have to understand that clogging can happen without you knowing hence the need for proper maintenance. Also, you can prevent your drains from getting blocked easily through some easy steps.

Getting your drains frequently cleaned is the easiest way out. But the bigger question is, how often is often? Here are some of the critical factors that significantly matter when to clean your drains.

Who is at a Higher Risk of Clogged Drains?

If you are a new homeowner, the chances are that your drain pipe is just working correctly and no need to clean them any soon.

Nonetheless, if you are living in an older house, the gutters and the drains are more likely to have out-dated pipes that are narrower. These pipes collect debris way too faster and can lead to a drain blockage.

What, however, matters, in the long run, is your lifestyle and habits. If you wash the dishes in the sink rather than the dishwasher, then food is likely to collect in the drain causing a blockage.

How Long Does It Take my Drains to Clog?

Many different factors result in your drains clogging, but it all stems from the frequency with which you use them and the amount of debris that collects within the drains.

For instance, if your kitchen sink does not have a grate or a filter, and it collects excess food, then that will speed up the rate at which the drains clog. Besides, if you have long hair, it could be a leading factor causing the pipes to clog. If that is the case, you can avoid brushing the hair on the bathroom sink or install a grate to trap the hairs instead of removing them from the drain.

Also, the number of users of a particular drain can be a contributing factor; if your kitchen or bathroom has many users, then there are higher chances of the drain clogging faster.

The critical factor is that you always enhance proper preventive mechanisms to ensure your drain does not clog.

Why Frequent Upkeep is Important

Ensuring that the drains are well working at all times will save you money that you could have otherwise used to do something else. Drains that are well maintained last longer and are less risky. Also, the draining cleaning cost is not that really expensive when you work with a professional. This is because they have all the equipment that is needed for the work and have real-time knowledge on drains.

If you have them well maintained, the drains will experience lesser stress and end up serving you longer than you expected. Some of the easy ways to keep your drains well maintained include;

  • Get a drain filter
  • Avoid taking too much foo to the sink; brush them off to the garbage before taking them to the sink.
  • Get your drains checked by a professional plumbing service every two years

There are quite several ways that you can clean and unclog your drains, but it is not that useful, and engaging a drain cleaning service provider is essential. Plumbing matters to your health; hence, you must have a professional handle the case.

If your drains are frequently getting clogged, then it is high time that you engage a professional. A professional has some training in the field with experienced expertise. Professional plumbers will help you a great deal in ensuring that any underlying problem is addressed adequately.

If you notice any change in the way water drains from your sinks, that is a red light, and you need to call a plumber.


At New Canadian drain & Plumbing, we understand the need for a proper draining system without any clogs and blockages. Feel free to talk to us, and we will be more than willing to assist.