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Four of the Best Basement Flooding Prevention Measures a Homeowner Can Take

basement flooding prevention TorontoFew things are as disconcerting, potentially dangerous to the value of your home and expensive to fix after the fact as flood damage. All of this points to the fact that when it comes to basement flooding the best defence is a good offense. By adopting sound basement flooding prevention measures you’ll free yourself from having to institute expensive repairs and you’ll sleep better knowing that the next time it rains you won’t need a canoe to get around the basement. In this post we’ll look at what we consider the 4 best basement flooding prevention measures.

Stay High and Dry With These Basement Flooding Prevention Tips

If you’re lucky you haven’t had to deal with basement flooding. If you’re not then you know what a supreme hassle it can be. If you’ve experienced flooding before or have reason to believe basement flooding may become an issue in the future any one of these 4 steps will help ensure the water stays outside where it belongs.

  1. Exterior Waterproofing – Exterior waterproofing is like wrapping your foundation in a waterproof bag. If that sounds like a lot of work, it is. But it’s also incredibly effective in sealing your basement against flooding. In most cases exterior waterproofing will add to your Toronto home’s market value as well. It will also allow you to go ahead with your long planned basement renovation.
  2. Install Proper Drainage – If water is welling up through your basement floor it’s time to install a sump pump without delay. The sump pump intercepts upward moving water and sends it to the storm drain. Another method of dealing with seepage through the floor is a cove system. A cove system is essentially a drainpipe installed beneath the interior periphery of your foundation that intercepts seepage and deposits it away from the home.
  3. Sealing Cracks – Water will find and exploit even the tiniest crack in your foundation walls. Fortunately sealing the walls from the inside is much easier and less expensive then sealing them from the outside. Once cracks have been identified special sealants are injected that close the breach all the way to the wall’s exterior. Coating the interior walls with a sealant afterward will ensure any tiny cracks you may have missed will be addressed.
  4. Install Window Wells – If the basement windows are below grade they can also be a major source of water intrusion during periods of heavy rain. The best way to prevent this is to install window wells around the basement windows. If you really want to seal the window area off from the elements altogether install window well covers too. They’ll prevent rain and snow from collecting in the well but will allow the light through.

Which of these methods will be best for your Toronto home depends on the specifics of your situation but all of them are effective basement flooding prevention techniques. New Canadian Drain can help you find the right solution for your basement flooding issues and institute them for less than you might think.