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Backwater Valve City Rebate With over 2.8 million people using the sewer system in the City of Toronto, there is the unfortunate risk that a stormy day could result in a flooded basement. Installing a backwater valve in your home can prevent this and to top it off, the City of Toronto provides a rebate for doing so. Here is more information about the Backwater Valve City Rebate.

What is the Backwater Valve City Rebate

The City of Toronto acknowledges the need for improving the sewer system as the city grows, and also the need to support homeowners to prevent ending up with sewage in their basements. To do the latter, the city instituted and is promoting a rebate program. What does this mean? It means homeowners will be subsidized for installing backwater valves that will prevent excess sewage from flooding their houses. Qualifying homeowners can expect to receive up to $3,400 in rebates for installing a backwater valve; this is to cover the cost of the equipment, labour, permits, and tax.

Backwater Valve City Rebate Requirements

Rebates are available for the installation of backwater valves, the replacement thereof, and the installation of an alarm for the valve. (Besides for backwater valve work, rebates are also available for some sump pump and foundation drain work.)

New Canadian Drain is a licensed plumbing company and is qualified to inspect whether or not you are eligible to apply for the rebate. Information about eligibility can also be found on the program’s website at



How to apply for a rebate

The process of applying for a rebate is done in five simple steps and they are explained in detail at When working with New Canadian Drain our professionals will take care of the application process on your behalf. But as a homeowner, it is important to be informed of the basic steps that will be taken to apply for the rebate.

To summarize, the process is as follows:

  1. Get a permit from the City of Toronto Building Division
  2. Schedule an inspection of installation
  3. Complete a rebate application form (available at
  4. Attach the original invoice for the backwater valve installation
  5. Submit the form together with the invoice via mail

Who needs a backwater valve?

Getting a backwater valve is an important consideration for any homeowner. It is a simple step to take towards prevention of serious damage to your home. Backwater valves are especially important for people who live in areas with high rainfall. Spring in Toronto is known for its heavy rains that can easily cause excess water to flood your home. So the rule of thumb is if your home is exposed to heavy rain, get a backwater valve.

Protect your home and prevent the headache of dealing with a flooded, smelly basement. New Canadian Drain offers expert backwater valve installation and our professionals are well informed about the Backwater Valve City Rebate requirements and process.

For more information regarding the Backwater Valve City Rebate and to find out whether you are eligible, contact us today.