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Can Coffee Grounds Go Down the Drain or Sink?

Most plumbers will tell you that coffee grounds are the most likely cause of clogs in kitchen pipes. When you dump a clump of wet grounds down the drain, they turn into an impassable, cement-like substance that won’t break down. The buildup of grounds can lead to a costly drain cleaning repair.

Most plumbing problems are preventable if you avoid putting certain things down the drain. One of the biggest culprits of clogged drains is coffee grounds. There’s an old misconception that coffee grounds are actually good for drain cleaning because they’re abrasive and help clean the insides of the pipes. This definitely isn’t the case.

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Put Coffee Grounds Where They Belong: The Garbage or Garden

Besides tossing coffee grounds in the trash, compost it (you can compost filters too), and use it to fertilize your garden. Adding coffee grounds to compost adds nitrogen (essential for plant growth). You can also add some grounds to the top of the soil in potted plants.

Bottom line, to avoid clogs in the plumbing, your sinks and drains shouldn’t be treated like garbage cans. Besides coffee grounds, things like eggshells, avocado skins, grease, and oils don’t belong in the sink because they can create significant plumbing problems.

If the deed is already done, and you need a drain cleaning repair, call a trusted plumbing company near you. Because there’s no “one size fits all” solution for drain cleaning, what works for one clog might not work for another. Retail drain cleaners typically don’t address all clog problems and can even end up damaging the pipes if they’re corrosive. A professional plumber will have the necessary equipment to diagnose and treat different types of drain clogs.


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