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How You Can Check the Professionalism of a Plumbing Contractor Before Hiring

Have you ever had a bad experience with a home improvement contractor? We’ve had numerous clients in Toronto tell us of how they had worked with a plumbing contractor in the past and were extremely disappointed by the level of service they received and the attitude of the contractor once they had made the decision to hire them. This is a relatively common problem and one of the reasons that online review sites are now having so much success. So just how do you tell whether a plumbing contractor is going to be “up to scratch” once you hand over your hard earned money? We’re going to give you a few pointers below.

Tips to Help You Pick Out a Genuine Plumbing Contractor from the Crowd

Plumbing tasks can vary greatly in terms of size, complexity and cost, but the one thing that you always need to ensure is that you hire a quality plumbing contractor that not only knows what they are doing, but that will complete the work in a professional manner. Here are a few tips to help you:

  • Monitor Their Pre-Hire Communication – This is one of the main ways in which you can spot a genuine plumbing contractor from one that wants nothing more than to take your money and is not bothered about your experience with them. When you call the contractor initially, are they willing to invest a little bit of time to discuss your requirements or do they seem keen to get off the phone as soon as possible? If they’re not very professional or particularly interested in your needs before you hire them, imagine what they’ll be like after you give them the green light.
  • Quality of Knowledge Imparted – Ideally you should do a little bit of reading around the subject if you’re thinking of having a major plumbing installation done, as this helps you to identify a plumbing contractor that is “winging it” from one that really knows his stuff. Obviously this isn’t so true if you require an emergency plumbing repair, but nevertheless, listening to the quality of the information shared with you either over the phone or during a consultation can help you to gauge their level of professionalism.
  • What Former Client’s Say About Them – This is why we always tell people in Toronto that references are an absolute must. You personally don’t know what the contractor is like, but there are likely many, many other people that have worked with the plumbing contractor firsthand and will be able to tell you how professional they were. Independent reviews carry more weight than references handpicked by the contractor and you should also check with the BBB to see whether the contractor has a history of complaints being made against them.
  • Will They Guarantee Their Work? – Any professional contractor should be willing to guarantee their work; it’s a yardstick and a clear sign of quality and professionalism. If they aren’t prepared to vouch for their own work, you have to wonder why that might be…

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