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6 Things Plumbing Services Wish You Wouldn’t Do

plumbing services in Toronto Plumbers are a hardy lot. They have to be, considering some of the things they work with and around on a daily basis. Most have a stoic, business-like attitude and provide their services with a quiet deliberation and dedication. Plumbers get it right the first time maybe more than any other group of tradespeople and we’re all healthier and lead happier lives because of it. All that said plumbers are still human and as such there are some things homeowners do that will get under their skin. Below are 6 of them.

How to Run Afoul of Plumbing Services in Toronto

Plumbers are known for their quiet, methodical approach to their work but there are still some things that rub them the wrong way. Here are a half dozen things plumbing services in Toronto wish you wouldn’t do.

  1. View your toilet as an all-purpose waste disposal unit – There are quite a few folks who use their toilets to dispose of feminine hygiene products, toilet scrubbers, cat litter, ashtray contents, Band-Aids, Q-tips and food. Lots of food. Misusing it this way only generates more visits from the plumber to unclog the mess.
  2. Use caustic drain cleaners – Drain cleaners use incredibly harsh, dangerous chemicals to chew their way through clogs. Overuse of these chemicals can wind up costing many thousands of dollars down the road when you need to replace various sections of your plumbing system destroyed by these caustic cleaners.
  3. Try to fix it yourself – The sign of a truly great do-it-yourselfer is knowing when to step back and call the professionals. DIYers should never try to handle plumbing problems themselves. Unless of course they like paying huge bills later on to fix their fixes.
  4. Ignore problems – When folks turn a blind eye to plumbing problems it’s usually due to bottom line considerations. The great irony is that by not calling for help early they wind up paying far more later when the original, small problem grows into a much bigger problem.
  5. Use drop in fresheners in the toilet – The chemicals used to turn the water blue and keep things smelling fresh also eat away at components inside the tank. The tablets themselves also have a habit of getting stuck in the flush valve and preventing your toilet from flushing.
  6. Overload the disposal – As we mentioned above some folks will use their toilets as a garbage disposal. On the other end of that spectrum are those who have a proper disposal but are prone to overloading it. A disposal may seem tough but it actually doesn’t take much more than a bit of celery and grease to bring it down.

The plumbing system in your home is a precision system that requires all the various components to be well-maintained and treated properly. If you can avoid doing the 6 things outlined above you’ll ensure a longer more cost-effective life for your plumbing and you may just bring a smile or two to the normally stoic face of your plumber. Call New Canadian Drain for all your plumbing services in Toronto.