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unobstructiveAll homes needs drainage and plumbing and at times, these pipes can pose a bit of an eyesore. But with the rise of industrial chic and exposed brick there’s no reason you shouldn’t absorb your pipes and drainage into your decor. To all the people who have built a false ceiling, broken down walls or reconstructed them just to hide unsightly plumbing, I’m sorry to say there are more affordable solutions. Check out our 5 tips for unobstructive drainage below:

1. Embrace the Industrial Chic

The rustic, retro appeal of exposed pipes is pretty timeless so it’s hard to go wrong with this choice. You just have to make sure that the rest of your decor will match. For that, we’d recommend keeping the tones neutral andearthy. If your pipes are copper or metallic, they’ll probably look great combined with some wooden flooring and vintage furniture. Don’t be afraid to browse through Pinterest if you’re not sure how exactly to furnish around them. This is a look that’s very trendy right now but styled properly could easily be a classic.

2. Move Furniture Around

A nice bookshelf or well placed sculpture could be a very effective method to hide any drainage in your home. Assorted pots and plants could also be strategically placed around the house to distract the eye from any unsightly pipes. The lovely thing about plants is that they’ll also add a touch of warmth to any room. Because plants come in such a variety of shapes you could really get creative in how you use them. Wrap an ivy around a pipe or place a pot over a drain!

3. Wrap them in rope

For a beautifully rustic look, you can wrap your exposed pipes in rope. This is especially a good idea for any pipes that give off heat because the rope will keep you from burning yourself. You can choose different colored ropes according to the color of your furniture and home. The texture is extremely soothing and this is a wonderful way to protect your pipes from damage as well. If there are exposed pipes or wires in a children’s room, you can use colored rope or washi tape to add a fun splash of detail!

4. Cover with materials

There are a lot of companies who provide affordable coverings for exposed pipes and wires. These coverings range from boxes to wooden poles and adhesives. Depending on what your decor looks like, this could be a great option if you want your drainage to be out of sight. With a little creativity you can easily turn these into a part of your home without spending a fortune on false ceilings and reconstructions.

5. Add a shelf to cover them

If you don’t want the pipes to be exposed altogether, you can build a shelf to conceal them. Depending on your needs and decor, you can do small shelves or a full wall shelf, but all you have to do is add the support brackets, and then the shelving. The items you place on the shelf will conceal your pipes. Bulky items are best like books and potted plants but if your pipe is in the kitchen or a bathroom, you could conceal it with a curtain as well.