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5 Common Home Plumbing Issues in Summer and How to Avoid Them

You may think that the winter season, with its frozen pipes, gutters, etc., is when most plumbing problems occur. However, the hot summer months can also bring their share of home plumbing issues. Summer plumbing problems typically crop up because of the additional wear and tear brought on by the kiddos being out of school, out-of-town guests, and summertime outdoor activities. Following are five common home plumbing issues in summer and how to avoid them.

1.Clogged Sewer Lines

Water that backs up into the toilet, bathtub, or shower is a sign that your sewer line has a problem. This usually occurs when pipes crack, allowing excess water to seep in. If you have a lot of trees, their roots can grow into the sewer line over time and create cracks as well. In addition, heavy summer rainstorms can cause rainwater to back up the sewer. Unfortunately, there isn’t an effective DIY homeowner method for dealing with a backed-up sewer line – you’ll need to call a plumber.

2.Slow Clearing Shower Drains

Summer is full of fun outdoor activities like trips to the lake and beach. Debris like dirt, pebbles, and sand can get caught up in clothes and on our bodies, then tracked into the bathroom, commonly causing slow clearing of shower drains that usually needs drain cleaning services. Excess hair going down the shower drain can also cause a problem. To avoid clogged drains, inspect drain covers and remove any debris that gets stuck there.

3.Washing Machine Hose Leaks or Clogs

All the fun summer activities can do a number on your washing machine. The additional loads of wash can end up causing obstructions and overflows. Consider doing small loads of wash to prevent problems. You should also make it a habit to check the washing machine hoses for kinks or leakages routinely.

4.Clogged Toilet, Shower and Tub Drains

Toilets, showers, and tub drains are used a lot more often during summer. Clogs in showers and tub drains are usually made up of dirt, hair, grease, and soap scum. Clogged toilets are also used a lot more in the summer, especially if you have kids on summer break. Teach your children to use a moderate amount of toilet paper and avoid flushing wet wipes. Common clogs are relatively easy to clear using a plunger or snake drain cleaner, but if they don’t do the job, you’ll need to call in a professional for drain cleaning.

5.Sprinkler System Failure

Sprinkler systems are rarely used during the winter, so you should inspect them before using them during the summer. Leaking sprinklers can affect the pipes and raise your water bills. Sprinkler heads must be inspected and cleaned before using them because dirt build-up can cause water back up in the hose. Also, check the heads for damage, ensuring that water isn’t being wasted by spraying in varying directions instead of the areas you want them to water.

Don’t be caught off guard by home plumbing issues this summer. Take the time to look for the summer plumbing issues listed here and address any you find right away.