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Professional Crack Repair for Plumbing

Cracked pipes can come to a person’s attention in a number of ways. Whether you’ve stumbled upon them while under the sink, heard a dripping in the walls, or suffered a flood, it’s time to call a professional.

Early Cracking

If you’ve spotted hairline cracks in any of your pipes, you need to have them checked immediately. It’s possible to have them repaired rather than replaced. However, if you wait too long, cracks can quickly turn into burst pipes. Those will likely have to be replaced entirely, which will cost you more. Not only will you have to buy the replacements, you’ll also have to repair whatever damage is caused by the break.

The earlier you catch fractures to a pipe, the better the chances of it being successfully repaired. Repairing cracked pipes is relatively low in cost. Don’t wait for it to become an expensive problem before taking it seriously.

Dripping Pipes

If you notice the sound of dripping coming from your walls, you should call a professional. Dripping from under the sink can be quickly assessed yourself. Self-assessment will allow you to tell us what you suspect is causing the dripping.

There are multiple causes for dripping pipes. Sometimes it’s just a loose joint that needs tightening. Sometimes it’s because a pipe is wearing out and needs to be replaced. Maybe it’s a small crack that needs to be repaired. No matter what the cause, pipes that are leaking can lead to flooding and nobody wants that.

Even if the pipes in your walls don’t burst and cause a flood, their constant dripping can quickly turn into mold. Mold within your walls is a huge risk that you don’t want to deal with. It will spread through insulation and can compromise the structural integrity of affected support beams. Take action promptly when you hear leaking in your walls.


If you’ve experienced a flood or are currently dealing with noticeable amounts of water leaking from somewhere you can’t see clearly, turn off your water immediately. Next to your hot water heater, there should be a knob available to turn the water off entirely. This will minimize damage from the burst pipe. Call a professional immediately after turning the water off. New Canadian Drain is available all hours of the day to deal with emergencies in the Toronto area. Flood damage is expensive to repair so fixing a burst pipe in a timely manner is paramount.

Some burst pipes can be repaired so that they don’t need to be replaced. Whether they do or not will depend on the severity of the damage to the pipe. No matter how bad the damage is, New Canadian Drain & Plumbing is here to help!

If your pipes are leaking and you’re looking to have them repaired or replaced, give us a call. We’ll be happy to fix the problem for you.