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How Bathroom Design Trends Affect Plumbing

You might not think that the worlds of interior design and plumbing cross paths but, in fact, they do! Trends in interior design can have a profound effect on a home’s plumbing. From pipe lengths to output locations to ease of access, a lot can change from one design to the next. Let’s see how.

Ease of Access

Over the years, a number of designs have come and gone in bathrooms. All of them have slightly different effects on plumbing. When it comes to ease of access during drain repairs, some things are better than others.

For instance, there’s the common, bathroom cabinet with a ceramic sink installed in the counter. This allows for a pretty average amount of accessibility. A plumber will have to get down on the floor to see the pipes underneath. They’ll probably have to avoid the strip of cabinet that the doors close against. However, it’s not very difficult to do.

On the more difficult side, we have pedestal sinks. Pedestal sinks are those sinks made of ceramic with no cabinetry attached. It’s just the sink basin sitting atop a pedestal and mounted to the wall. These sinks have mostly gone out of fashion, though there have been attempts made at updated designs. The pipes attached to these sinks are hidden within the hollow back of the pedestal. This makes them harder to access. A plumber will have to remove caulk seals at the bottom and top of the pedestal and pull it out from under the basin.

With new design trends, things have actually gotten a bit easier. Exposed plumbing has been popular lately, giving bathrooms a bare bones, industrial look. This is common in minimalist spaces. Regardless of whether it fits your personal taste or not, exposed plumbing makes for an ideal fix. A plumber can enter the bathroom and get right to work, saving time and costing less.


The other thing that design has a bearing on is the type of drain installed. Differences in drains can mean a lot of different things. Some of them clog easier than others but look nicer. Others don’t plug as easily for baths.

No matter what the aesthetic of your home is, do a little research on how effective different drain types are before updating your bathroom. The last thing you want is the bathroom of your dreams with the drain of your nightmares. Put a little consideration into how much time will have to go into
accessing your plumbing to fix it. More time spent on a solution is more labor you’ll have to pay for.

But, most importantly, no matter what kind of drain or bathroom design you choose, hire someone you can rely on. A plumber that knows what they’re doing will make things go smoother, faster, and more successfully. If you live in Toronto or the GTA, give us a call at New Canadian Drain. We’re glad to help with any plumbing problem you’ve got on your hands.